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FMC Episode - 01


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The first episode of the Furry-Muscle is now in iTunes and can be download or listen to at http://furry-muscle.org/FMC/ As this was my first time really editing anything this big there of course are tons of improvements I could have done and have taken note of for next Cast. If you have any comments or suggests please do post a reply or email FMC@Furry-Muscle.Org



Show Notes

FMC Episode – 01 - FMC Episode - 01 - We Made It Through

We have a guest appearance by Beastlybahamut.

12:12 Introductions

20:18 How doesbodybuilding work with furry?

36:20 Drinking chocolate milk will help with workout?

41:28 How would ones tart to work out? Carr, huh!?

49:33 Cardio…Schred?! “Gasp”

54:44 Workout Partner

58:45 Get back on track, damn you Jazz.

1:07:00 Jazz Again,lol

1:08:44 Art and iPhones?

1:09:18 Basics: Starting to draw.

1:13:00 Does a 3D model or real life help an artist draw better?

1:19:00 What is the most common problem seen in furry art?

1:29:00 Art and Tablets…lol?

1:34:30 Voice Mail – lol Technical Screw Up

1:44:00 Answer to Voice Mail – Schred

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Looks like mostly the bottem part is art stuff hehe. Would like to hear that. :o

Very little questions about bodybuilding I must say.

Nice on your first episode Zak!

It has a mix of everything. Give it a listen and talk about and thanks.

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