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Suggestions For The Weeky Topic


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Well things have slow down around here again so here are a few suggestion for the weekly topic to keep a few chats going on around here.

1. Which furry cons do you plan on going to this year?

2. Anyone know of any Body Building Events?

3. Do you wear boxers, briefs or go commando most of the week?

4. Your dream biceps, what would be your idea size for yours?

5. Does having tattoos take away from or add to the beauty of muscles?

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lesse...I'll take "Boxers, Briefs or Commando" for $300 Alex.

Briefs. Of course, because of my constant lack of money, most of my underwear is ancient, tattered and looks like i stole it from the set of a grunge porno.

Mmmmm...I like to wear my boxers down like that as well.

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