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2010 Review, 2011 Upcoming


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The 2010 year has been up and down for many people in the world. From the high gasoline prices to the economic issues that crash the markets and economics throughout the world, leaving many people unemployed. But it look like things are coming back together slowly, people are finding jobs, reeducation themselves for work in different sectors. The pace of how things are moving are not to society's likings, but, it is moving foward. Furry-Muscle of course was not left out of all this. There were many things I wanted to do this year with the community, but things have been push back to a point that didn't allow me to move forward. Currently my life is stable to allow me to feel comfortable to talk about what is coming upfor Furry-Muscle in 2011.

Some of you know that I attented MidWest FurFest in November. http://www.furfest.org/ During the convention I meet up with Schreddedwolf SchreddedWolf.gif (Schred) and be friended Maximus-Ursus Maximus-Ursus.gif (Max). I also met up with Codyv Frost Codyvfrost.gif(Codey) through Max during my time there. We all work out there during the first day of the con, which I learn much. Max has a detail journal about what happen atthe convention.

Other then working out and hanging around with friends atthe convention I was quite fortunate to meet many other artists and other people who workout, and interview them for articles I'm working on for 2011first quarter. I will be having other guest writers giving there articles on avariety of subjects of health and fitness. Other projects that I'm working onare workout tutorials with exercise techniques on how to work out correctly,points and tips about each workout as well as pictorial that will show the motion of the exercise in motion. The next step on the list is having aFurry-Muscle podcast show offer in early summer, plans are still in the works and I don't have much to offer at this current time. The last part of 2011 I will try to display my Mascot Book at MidWest Furfest, the book will content some of the mascots from Furry-Muscle that have been drawn by many different artists in the fandom. I hope to have content that will make it worth buying and not just something put together, more details by the end of summer time.

These are my plans for Furry-Muscle during the 2011 year and with anything life can change many things and timetables but I will do my best to get stuff out when its ready and completed. To all the members ofFurry-Muscle I would like hope 2011 will treat you all better than 2010 did. Also I hope that many members ofthe community step up and become more active in the community then the current level. I hope to have a community that will support and push others to their goals. That is what I'm working to build. Thank you for being a part ofFurry-Muscle and Happy New Year!

Furry-Muscle Owner


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