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Just a thought I had; I also think it might draw in more business-minded muscle furs out there. Why not, amongst the forums, we set up a thread where people can discuss selling and buying all things musclefur? I think that, if some people turn a profit by using the community and the means on this site, it could really boost the site's community- I mean, let's face it, money talks. And not just art; people've been promoting musclefur statuettes, stories, badges, all manner of sorts of media.

What do y'all think?

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It is interesting and worth looking into, only problem is how many people would be interested in something like this?

Well... I know I would be!

I'm just thinking- we have a lot of the top notch musclefur artists here, that sell their art as a way of living. I imagined it something like the Fur Affinity Forum's Commisions page- it's one of the most visited spots on the site. If we did something similar, both parties, the buyers and the sellers, would hit it up.

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