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Hey everyone! vgm22 here with some news! We have two new boards now. One is for adult/mature rping and the other board is for adult/mature stories. Now this have came about cause I took your guys suggestions and talked to Zak face to face. ^^ No thx are needed.

Now adult art can be posted to the galleries as well for now. Zak is requesting for more info on it though, so we'll know more when he gets answers himself, but for now you can post adult art in the gallery.

Adult/mature rping goes into the "The Wash Room" board. Located here ===> http://www.furry-muscle.org/forum/42-the-wash-room/

Adult/mature stories go into the board "The Back Study Library" located here ===> http://www.furry-muscle.org/forum/41-the-back-libray-study/

Now have fun out there eveyone! ^^

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