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Session ID bug


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There is an bug within the Session ID of the forums. Its a known bug, that is affecting the IPB 3 series and is being worked on.

This is the url that I have the first time I visit one of my dev boards:

http://www.devserver.com/fresh_install/index.php?/index?s=8e349a8391f143 9fe8d770a1ef5bdaf0

As you can see the session url is completely in the wrong place and breaks everything,

for example a user reported issues trying to click on the link "Today's Active Content" and the cause is exactly that one:

http://www.devserver.com/dev_board_24/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=active?s=8e349a8391f143 9fe8d770a1ef5bdaf0

Removing the last part after ? makes the link work again of course.

So if you see a s=(random number) after your url, delete that part and you should be able to manually bypass the problem till a more permanent patch is developed.

Hope that helps and sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

P.S. Everyone, at the bottom of the page, a skin selector has been added in, allowing you to chose which skin you want to use.

Brave - dark background, dark windows, white text, with yellow accents.

Carbon Blue - dark background, dark windows, white text, with blue accents.

Overlay blueberry - blue bg, white windows, black text.

Splat - blue bg - white windows, orange accents, black text

IP.Board(s) are the default IPB skins.

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