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New skins


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Our fave rhino's been busy these days, cooking up more improvements for the community. His latest additions are some new skins.

Both light and dark ones.

The current dark theme is called Brave.

the upcoming new default skin will be Overlay - Blueberry

The full list of skins which will be rolled out shortly will be

Brave, Carbon Blue, Overlay - Blueberry And lastly, Splat

Stay tuned for further updates :3

Werewolfhero - F-M Staff

P.S. Remember to thank Zak for all his hard work.

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Actually you have that backwards, black text on a bright white background is what causes eye strain.

Don't Worry though Main, In a few days or so Zak should have the other skins up. There will be another dark one. And two light ones.

So if you prefer the lighter ones, go for them. If you prefer the dark one, try the other skin. Personally I can read this one just fine, with no trouble.

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Theres people with arguments to both sides. White backgrounds hurt my eyes so i go with darker themes. And I know there are many who have similar issues. (Thank goodness for things like Foxfire's Stylish, darker vista themes, etc)

As i said, shortly Zak should have the other skins tweaked (needs the banner / nav area adjusted, width widened, etc) and when its done enabled for members to chose which style suits them better.

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I definitely agree that the text should be lighter to help stand out, it doesn't need much, just a tone or two.

From what l can tell, people with issues (seeing) prefer white/light text on a dark background, I've been a member of a few gaming forums where most the members were older (niche genres) and they have always claimed it is easier on their eyes to read, Although it doesn't mean that everybody feels that way either.

It's all moot though if you can easily change the skin to one you prefer. (assuming I read correctly)

Thank you for the work you guys are putting into this. :)

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