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Gallery Submission AUP


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Acceptable Gallery TOS:

Drawn Images:

1.) Please make sure that the images submitted are "For You" or "By You". This ensures that there will be no issues reguarding. "Art Theft"

a.) For you. - Images that were drawn for you. IE: Commissioned images, Gift pictures.

b.) By you. - Images you've drawn yourself.

c.) Images can contain, Anthro, Human, Male, Female subjects.

d.) Please do not upload shota, or cub artwork of an adult nature.

2.) Adult works are permitted.

Photographic Images

1.) Real Life pictures are permitted, but please keep them PG13. (no nudity) This is to ensure that were a "porn site." Yes art work is something different then real life pictures.

Photomorph Images:

1.) Morphs are allowed but we would like that any future additions include links or references to the source image; ie. links to the site (not the image itself to avoid hotlinking) the base image came from or the magazine name/issue it came from to give the source the proper credit they deserve. The bodybuilders name as well if at all possible.

2.) No morphs of morphs or Re-Morphs; ie. no morphs of pics that were morphed for GB.Musclemorphs or similar morph sites.

3.) Please do not upload morphs of models on paysites, unless the images are available from a freebie area. ie, Muscleweb, Musclehunks, Musclegallery, etc.

Hopefully these simple rules will help ensure that there will be no further problems that arise from the issue of photomorphs.

Thank you all in advanced for your cooperation in this matter.

wolfiewait.gif Moderator - Werewolfhero wolfiewait.gif

*update* due to some confusion, specified that females and human imagery is allowed, and added an addendum against cub/shota art.

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