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Furry-Muscle Cast – 44 – Lift Time


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Furry-Muscle Cast – 44 – Lift Time


  1. Introductions
  • Maximus Ursis – Getting A Tan
  • Tiptoe – Don’t Look…Stay Away From the Food! (Doing Outro)
  • Beastly Bahamut – (Sick)
  • Syn – Rhythm Is A Dancer….Rat? :o
  • Jazz Wolf – Moving, Packing, Coding.
  • Snowheart – Working, Working, Working
  • Tiberious – (Away)
  • Schredded Wolf – SnowMobiling
  • Zak – Faster, Better, Good-er.


  1. Hosts
  1. Tiptoe – Model
  • Briefly go over how things are progressing and what stage are you at in the game.


  1. Syn – Update Health
  • Update on how things are progressing.


  1. Max – Moved | Life in Florida
  • Update on how the move went.
  • What been going on in Florida from the time you move.


  1. Jazz – Moved | Progress | Art
  • How was the move go
  • How has work out progress going.
  • Art – Any new styles are progress on streamlining work.


  1. Schred – Summer
  • Progress and what workout summer plans are his many focus over the summer.


  1. Snowheart – Gym
  • How has the gym progress been going.


  1. Zak – Moved | Life | Gym
  • What has been happening the last few weeks from the last podcast and his move.
  • What plans are coming up.
  • Gym progress.





  1. Topics
  1. Lifting Fast or Slow?
  • The subject has been discussed many times over and over and the results have gone both ways as to which one is better.
  • Lifting fast can increase the chances of injuring muscle and joints as well as doing the exercises incorrectly.
  • Lifting fast does have a positive side as well, it has a more metabolically demanding on the body. It burns more calories.
  • Lifting fast improves balance and strength.
  • Lifting fast with a lot of reps of light weight will not have the same benefits as lifting heavy.
  • Lifting slow helps to improvement in low velocity exercises.
  • Lifting slow helps to keep the muscle under tension longer which helps to break it down.
  • Lifting slow lowers the number of muscle fibers being fired in the muscle for it to work.
  1. Classis Training Ideas: Fact or Fiction?
  • New research studies haven't change the way we think on training and nutrition, but it has rather refined some of the view points on them.
  • Bigger Weight Will Produce Bigger Gains
    • Our muscles are extremely adaptive to the stimulus we apply to them, and resistance training is our strongest activator of muscle growth.
    • Research shows that we don't only have to lift heavy but more along the lines of we don't only need to lift heavy.
    • These studies uncover how low-load and high-load resistance training can produce similar anabolic responses and gains in muscle size, highlighting the importance of tracking the total work you perform—as well as lifting to failure if your goal is muscle growth.
  • There's An Anabolic Window
    • The common norm is to have a protein shake post workout within a time frame after working out. But in recent years that the timeframe is an is not as crucial as we all may have thought.
    • Take your shake if it's part of your gym ritual, but don't fool yourself into thinking it's any more important than everything else you eat. Protein intake over the course of the day appears to be more important in eliciting in muscle growth than proximity to a workout.


  • More Protein is Better
    • The high protein diets are becoming more and more widely accepted to be safe and effective for improving physique.
    • Because of the plateau effect on muscle protein synthesis, focusing on the amount of protein per meal is a better approach than the amount of protein per day. Save your money and maximize the muscle-building benefits of protein by eating around 0.12 grams per kilogram of body weight per meal, rather than cramming in high doses of protein to meet a daily standard.
  • Fasted Cardio Maximizes Fast Loss
    • It’s a common idea to run before eating food as the body will burn more fat for fuel.
    • Recent study showed that fasted cardio did not provide any further benefit compared to morning cardio in a fed state.
    • One should keep in mind that it more of personal preference, since fasted and fed cardio appear to offer similar benefits to fat loss.
    • Those attempting to maintain muscle mass while losing fat should be cautious with fasted cardio. Upon waking up, our muscles are in a catabolic state, and fasted cardio can elevate the use of protein as fuel. These athletes should consider sipping on fast-digesting protein or BCAAs (branched-chain amino acid) before or during morning cardio to limit muscle loss.
  • Source: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/features.html
  1. Music While Workout
  • While listen to music it helps to improve one’s workout.
  • Research find that listen to music distracts athletes from their bodily awareness.
  • Studies found that not just listening, but controlling and creating music in time to one's pace had an even more profound effect on perceived effort during a workout.
  • Music is the good kind of distraction.
  • It ups your effort.
  • Music puts you “in the zone.”
  • A good beat can help you keep pace.
  • Music can elevate your mood.
  • It makes you want to move.




  1. Emails
  1. From: WolfinONE @Syn & Tiptoe

Question: Would you start to auction off some of your models to raise any extra money that Syn may need?


  1. From: RedDemon @Syn

Question: This may be a little silly but when you have a full head of hair how does it lay on your head? I have only seen you with a shaved head from Furaffinity.


  1. From: JamesL @Jazzwolf

Question: Hello Mr. Jazzwolf, I have been following your Twitter for a little while. I found myself enjoying your style of artwork. Could you go over briefly on how you gotten your style?


  1. From: WhiteWolfX @All

Question: Hello Cast and any guests, would you all talk about what going to the gym and what is the best reason you go? Sorry but English is my good with I.


  1. Closing Out:

-       We can’t do the show without you, the listeners!

-       Please take the time to rate us on iTunes or Thumbs us up at Stitcher Radio.

-       You can email us at FMC@furry-muscle.org

-       Have any questions or comments? Drop us a line at 571-208-BUFF (2833).

-       Follow us on Twitter @FurryMuscleCast

-       You can find show notes, pictures, links and many other materials at our main website http://www.furry-muscle.org

-       Next Furry-Muscle Cast: April – 10th.


Jazz’s Spin Us The Wrong Way - http://imgur.com/gallery/ybC8yd7 (Blame Jazz For Your Nightmare)









Show Notes: FMC - 44 Show Notes.pdf

Show Download: FMC Episode - 44.mp3

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