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Furry-Muscle Cast - 34 - Its Almost Here


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Furry-Muscle Cast – 34 – Its Almost Here!

  1. Introductions (10 – 15 Minutes)
  • Gust Co-Host – Tiberious – The master of power! (Furaffinity @ Tiberious)
  • Gust Co-Host – Tonka – The wolf with a chest of a GOD!!!
  • Maximus Ursus – Singing, Coining, Drinking…? (Image)
  • Tiptoe – Eating this, trying that
  • Beastly Bahamut – Big Blue and trucking
  • Schredded Wolf – Ifs it’s not over 150 lbs dumbbell, screw it.
  • Syn – Number crunching like the ab machine.
  • Jazz Wolf – Drawing, Doctor Who, Creepy Faces, huhhh!?
  • Snowheart – The moving kitty!
  • Zak – It’s all over, muahahaaahahaaaa!


  1.  Tiberious – Downious: (20 – 25 minutes)
  • Background – Fandom, Life, School, Lifting, etc.
  • Power lifter – How it started?; How long at it?; Contest?; Goals?; Future plans?
  • How has powerlifting influence your life?
  • What is the different between bodybuilding and powerlifting? (Tiberious’s point of view).


  1. Topics (30 – 90 minutes)
  • Review:
    • Body types can be place in to three main categories
    • Ectomorph – Tall & Lean (FMC - 33)
    • Mesomorph – (FMC – 34)
    • Endomorph – Shorter and usually a bigger person. (FMC – 35)
    • Mixed – These body types are not set and stone and people can have a combination of two body types.


  1. Mesomorph –
    • Large Muscle with naturally athletic physique.
    • A mesomorph has a large bone structure, large muscles and a naturally athletic physique. They find it quite easy to gain and lose weight.
    • Traits:
      • Athletic
      • Generally hard body
      • Well defined muscles
      • Rectangular shaped body
      • Strong
      • Gains muscle easily
      • Gains fat more easily than ectomorphs
    • When it comes to training endomorphs find it very easy to gain weight. Unfortunately, a large portion of this weight is fat not muscle. To keep fat gain to a minimum, endomorphs must always train cardio as well as weights. Usually supplements may not be needed as long as the person has a high protein intake in their diet.
    • Source: http://www.muscleandstrength.com/articles/body-types-ectomorph-mesomorph-endomorph.html


  1. Rice Is Nice! (Occasion)
    • Each food has a unique nutrient profile — high in some nutrients and low in others.
    • A person who only eats nothing but chicken breasts, rice and broccoli, will still be lacking nutrients that should be balanced out by eating other foods in some of his daily meals.
    • If rice is not for you try other complex carbs, such as yams, oatmeal, potatoes, pasta and whole-grain breads, you will still be covering your bases.
    • Also try mixing some lemon juice and sugar with your rice to get it to separate and to give it moisture. This may make it more palatable for you. If you still don’t like it, then turn to complex carbs that you will enjoy eating.
    • Keeping in mind that food balance is always important to the body.
    • Source: http://www.flexonline.com/nutrition/rice-occasion
    • Source: http://www.examiner.com/article/bodybuilding-and-the-importance-of-rice-the-diet


  1. The Science of Pecs! (da muscles)
    • Pecs – Pectoralis Minor and Pectoralis Major (Images)
    • These are two large, flat muscles that run across the surface of your chest. These muscles generally come into play when pushing something or hugging someone.
    • For men a well form chest helps in self-esteem as well as show to others of physicall of the individual to others. For females it helps to support the breast and show off self-esteem as well. 
    • Pec Tears and Strains (Images)
    • Major reason for injury to pectorals are being overused and lifting to heavy without proper lifting form.
    • Exercises:
      • Peck Deck
      • Cable Press
      • Cable Flyes
      • Chest Dips
      • Cable Crossovers
      • Incline Dumbbell Flys
      • Dumbbell Flys
      • Dumbbell Press
      • Flat Flyes
      • Incline/Decline Bench Press
    • Source: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2953288/
    • Source: http://www.coreperformance.com/knowledge/injury-pain/pectoralis-muscle-strain.html




  1. Protein Deep Dish Pizza!, No Really!! (Image)
    • Ingredients For The Crust
      •     1/2 cup Pea Protein Powder (unflavored)
      •     1/2 cup Liquid Egg Whites
      •     1/8 cup Buckwheat Flour
      •     1/2 cup Almond Milk
      •     1 tbsp Coconut Flour
    • Directions For The Crust
      • Blend all of the ingredients together until you get a thick batter. Using a spoon, spread the batter onto either one or two deep-dish pans. I used two small nonstick cheesecake pans, and they worked wonderfully.
      • Bake at 320 F (160 C) for about 15 minutes or until the crust has cooked through.
    • Ingredients For The Filling
      •     1 small chopped Onion
      •     2 chopped Garlic Cloves
      •     2 cans of Tomatoes
      •     1/2 cup of Cheddar Cheese (or grated Mozzarella)
      •     1 cup of Ground Beef (I used Grass-fed beef)
      •     1 tbsp Rosemary
      •     1 tbsp Thyme
      •     Salt to taste
    • Assembly Directions
      • Add toppings to the crust. I made mine by pan frying the onions and garlic until soft, letting the added beef simmer until cooked, throwing in the tomatoes and spices, and reducing for 30 minutes until the sauce has thickened).
      • Bake at 320 F (160 C) for about 10 minutes or until the cheese on top has melted. Top with additional cheese if desired.
    • Nutrition Facts - Amount per serving
      • Serving Size: 1 small crust (without toppings)
      • Serving Size: Recipe yields 2 (without toppings)
      • Calories - 251.5
      • Total Fat - 6g
      • Total Carbs - 5g (3.6g fiber)
      • Protein - 38.4g
    • Source: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/ask-the-protein-powder-chef-protein-pizza.html


  1. Emails (30 – 45 Minutes)
  1. From: Reeve @Schred/All

Comment from what Schred’s said from last Cast FMC – 33.

Review: Schred1 – Comment (Audio)

Review: Schred2 – Clearing Up Comment (Audio)

Review: Schred3 – Zak Follow Up (Audio)


Comment: I do believe that the distinction between the different body types is actually very important as long as people understand this is just a very generic scale to give you an idea of how fast your metabolism is.

I consider myself an endomorph. I’ve always been the pudgy little guy.
When I started working out, I was mostly doing cardio. My goal was to get in shape and feel a bit less ashamed of my body. The problem being that I had a really sweet tooth and preferred by far sweating on a treadmill than going on a diet. Also, from my personal experience, no matter how heavy I lift and how hard I push myself, I can't "lose fat" simply with lifting. Cardio seems to be, if not the only option, at least the best for me.

I did very intense cardio for about 5 months. In the end I was weighing 120 lbs for 5'3" and still looked a bit pudgy although I had very skinny arms and could nearly see my ribs.

I went to see a dietician who told me being slim would basically mean a drastic change in my lifestyle, both for exercises and diet. However, she also gave me this little explanation about body types, mostly to make me understand I had a slow metabolism and what it would imply. If I wanted to get in shape, it'd have been much easier for me to start lifting than to try and lose fat. So far, my results have been pretty good and I've started out-lifting ectomorphs friends who were ahead of me when I started.

All in all, what I'm trying to say is, even though the generalization of body types shouldn't be taking too seriously, having a general idea of the pros and cons of your metabolism can really help you finding the workout and diet that suit you best. I refuse to give up on my occasional cookie or ice cream, but if it hadn't been for learning about the endomorph body type and their ability to gain size easily, I would never have started weightlifting in the first place.


  1. From: Anonymous @Snowheart (Image with Question)

Comment: t doesn't seem to look like I've changed much or changed at all after these past two years and it's actually quite demotivating and frustrating to see. I've done what I can within those two years and learning in between. There has been 5x5 (which I've learned quite a bit from previous podcast), HIIT and now, body weight training. Food intake is kept at a minimal as I'm trying to lose those fat and changing them into muscle mass.


Unfortunately, I am unable to fix down on a diet as money is an issue and my family isn't very supportive of what I'm going through. Being a Chinese and whatnot, I'm unable to bring them down to say that white rice is bad for me at the moment cause I did went through that phase and had an argument, even few days ago. We just need to have white rice. I tried adding in brown rice but two issues: 1) it's expensive to obtain and 2) my dad doesn't eat brown rice. Thus, boils down to the issue of food intake where I've been trying to cut half of my portion till now. I know food is a huge issue here but it's difficult in an environment where my parents aren't that supportive of it.

That goes for food and for training, I'm on a body weight training with a personal trainer. I've just started on that recently in December 2013 and still going on till now. What I've been doing are push ups, jumping lunges, squats, sand bag training, etc,. It's intense, that much I could say cause my trainer is one hell of a trainer. He pushes and I'm hoping to see results but I'm only on personal training with him once a week. The remaining days, I go on HIIT like RPM classes, biking. I hate running the treadmill and it's not what keeps me motivated. Classes like those keeps me focus and really force myself to push forward. Even after all those, I'm still not gaining or losing much. As you can see from the comparison, it's really demotivating.


I'm only taking whey protein and fat burner as supplements. And I have no access to any nutritionist. Supplements that I'm taking. I'm only taking whey protein and fat burner as supplements. And I have no access to any nutritionist.


  1. From: Fatwolf @All

Question: Does anybody know of Soya, Lactose and Dairy free protein shake as I have developed allergies to them.


Zak Source:

Yes, Rice and hemp based protein powders have actually been around for some time now. Manitoba Harvest has just announced their new Organic Vanilla and Organic Dark Chocolate Hemp Protein Powders.  These products can be found right now exclusively at Whole Foods Markets in the USA.

Source: http://www.godairyfree.org/news/nutrition-headlines/dairy-and-soy-free-protein-powder-it-does-exist-and-in-chocolate


Also one can try Pea Protein powders.



  1. Closing Out (3 – 5 Minutes)
    • We can’t do the show without you, the listeners!
    • Please rate us on iTunes or Thumbs us up at Stitcher Radio. Give us a s thumb up.


  • You can email us at FMC@furry-muscle.org
  • Have any questions or comments? Drop us a line at 571-208-BUFF (2833).
  • Follow us on Twitter @FurryMuscleCast
  • You can find show notes, pictures, links and many other materials at our main website http://www.furry-muscle.org
  • Next Furry-Muscle Cast: June 13th – Summer’s Here!!!














Arnold's Blueprint.wmv


















Show Notes: FMC - 34 Show Notes.pdf

Show Download: FMC Episode - 34.mp3

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