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Furry-Muscle Cast – 36 – Blast of Fun & Weights!


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Furry-Muscle Cast – 36 – Blast of Fun & Weights!

  1. Introductions
  • Special Guess Co-Host – Braford – One of many muscle furry artist! (Had problems with his mic so he join us next Cast)
  • Maximus Ursus – Two sides of the coin!
  • Tiptoe – Still racing for the right meal!
  • Beastly Bahamut – The flexing blue dragon!
  • Schredded Wolf – Always hitting the weights hard.
  • Syn – Only as white as snow…give me a kiss!
  • Jazz Wolf – Car Paint, Hot Winds, Still Drawing!!
  • Snowheart – Lifting that next muscle and saving many lives!
  • Tiberious – @Work
  • Zak – Pubic transiting here, there everywhere.


  1. Topics
  1. Best Time to Workout
    • Performance – “If you’re interested in performance, some evidence seems to point toward the afternoon and early evening as the best time to exercise
    • Hormonal Effects – “One study found that lifting heavy things in the evening, as opposed to the morning, resulted in a more anabolic (strength and size-building) testosterone/cortisol ratio.
    • Health - Recently, much has been made of the neuroprotective effects of exercise. In other words, the pursuit of brawn appears to lead to brain.
    • Sleep - Here’s one that found a 5:00 pm 30-minute session of moderate exercise improved sleep in elderly patients who normally had trouble falling asleep.
    • Sustainability – “One study found that people who exercised in the mornings were more likely to exercise in general, while people who said they exercised at night or in the afternoon were less active overall.
    • Bottom Line: “ultimately, the best time of day to exercise is the time of day that works for you.”
    • Source: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/what-is-the-best-time-of-day-to-exercise/#axzz37DLr8COa


  1. Due to word crashing and not time to fill in stuff were making up shit! Totally Crazy Time.
    • Tony Tiger Meme




  1. Closing Out:
    • We can’t do the show without you, the listeners!
    • Please rate us on iTunes or Thumbs us up at Stitcher Radio.
    • You can email us at FMC@furry-muscle.org
    • Have any questions or comments? Drop us a line at 571-208-BUFF (2833).
    • Follow us on Twitter @FurryMuscleCast
    • You can find show notes, pictures, links and many other materials at our main website http://www.furry-muscle.org
    • Next Furry-Muscle Cast: August 8th - Gear Switching!








Show Notes: FMC - 36 Show Notes.pdf

Show Download: FMC Episode - 36.mp3

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I tried to listen to the entire cast and I can't find a single mention of the Tony the Tiger meme craze.

Or Special Guest Braford


We spoken about it, also Braford was having technology problems and didn't join us. He should be on the next one.

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ok, tried again, and after to listen through an hour and a half of slow chatter, finally found what I was looking for.

Sadly extremely disappointed.



Well can't do much to help with that, but we do what we do to try and get stuff done and have fun doing it. Braford will be on the next Cast.

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