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FMC – 27 – Repeat, Rewind, Redo; with Rats


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Furry-Muscle Cast – 27 – Repeat, Rewind, Redo; with Rats?! :o


Some highlights - Max speaks on flapping…and other “sexy” things. Snow is naked and he don’t see it himself. Syn is still bold that makes his ear falls out even after the cast. Tip is still licking that damn engine piston and BB is still own my case….*sigh*

  1. Introductions:
  • Guest Host – Syn – The first hairless rat I know…is he hairless?
  • Maximus Ursus – A statue of his own kind.
  • Tiptoe – Marriage is near than we thinks…REJECTED!
  • Beastly Bahamut – Trucking to new horizons
  • Schreeded Wolf – Nice wolf chest!
  • Jazz Wolf –So hot….so stickly…hairy….mmmmm
  • Snow – Willing to save your life…with a kiss!
  • Zak – A college rhino with horns!


  1. Topics
  1. Mr. Olympia – Schreddedwolf (Focus)



2013 Mr. Olympia Qualified as of 9-13-2013

Schreeded Wolf’s Pick



Abbaspour, Baitollah



Phil Heath


Beyeke, Lionel



Kai Greene


Centopani, Evan




Dennis Wolf



Curry, Brandon



Shawn Rhoden



Cutler, Jay


Dexter Jackson


Elssbiay, Mamdouh



Jay Cutler



Freeman, Toney



Roelly Winklaar


Greene, Kai


Mamdouh Elssbiay


Heath, Phil


Branch Warren


Jackson, Dexter


Lionel Beyeke


Jackson, Johnnie



Victor Martinez


Kuclo, Steve



Cedric McMillan


Martinez, Victor

Dominican Republic


Evan Centopani


McMillan, Cedric



Steve Kuclo


Obaid, Essa



Toney Freeman


Pakulski, Ben



Johnnie Jackson


Piotrkowicz, Robert



Essa Obaid


Rhoden, Shawn


Robert Piotrkowicz


Warren, Branch




Winklaar, Roelly





Wolf, Dennis






  1. New drug mimics the beneficial effects of exercise.
  • Drug SR9009


  1. Halloween – Tips
    • Buy candy you don’t love
    • Out of sight, out of mind.
    • Savor one piece of your favorite candy a day
    • Chew gum
    • Replace the candy with better choices
    • Move the candy jar
    • Count the empty wrappers.
    • Take a walking break
    • Manage your hunger.
    • Sip on a low-calorie beverage.


  1. Syn – Goals and background information on him. He will be assimilated.
  • BodyTech Whey Protein: Post-workout protein, mixed with whole milk
  • Nature Made Multi Daily: Regular daily mulit-vitamin
  • Nature Made Triple Omega: Daily fish oil supplement. Brain food! Maybe I should start taking this...
  • Keto XT: Takes this for 3-4 weeks before doing something that requires showing off his body, such as a swimming party. This is good for reducing water weight.


  1. Maximus-Reset!
  • Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein: During the day protein, mixed with whole milk.
  • Optimum Nutrition Pre-Load Creatine Complex: I haven't given this a try and will be working it into my pre-workout routine. Mixes with water.
  • MuscleMeds Carnivor Beef Protein: Current pre-workout protein and creatine supplement, mixes with water. I just started on this and I love the blue raspberry flavor and had plenty of energy through my whole workout after taking this.
  • Optimum Nutrition Casein Protein: Before bed protein shake, mixed with whole milk. This is a slow-absorption protein meant to last all night.
  • Finest Nature Zinc: I take one of these when I start to feel run down. Great for boosting the immune system.
  • Walgreens Vitamin C: I'll take one of these if I see my Vitamin C is running low. Hasn't happened since I started tracking my diet again.


  1.  E-Mails!


  • From 5Razor - All
    • Question: I'm from Asia and I've been trying to lose weight. So, one thing I gotta fix is my diet. Since, most of food intake is rice here, how should I change it?


  • From Wolfone – To Schreddedwolf
    • Question: Would you explain why you pick a wolf as a character to be in the furry universe?


  • From Hornywolf – Max
    • Question: With pecs and all you see in the gym do you ever get a hard on from watching them? Do you have to an fantasies or anything? Would you mind sharing some of them?


  • From Anonymous – Max & Tiptoe
    • Question: Hello gentles, it been a while since you both gotten your fursuites / head. I wanted to know what parts do you dislike about your fursuite and how would you make it better. Also, how about your builders did you find someone else you may go with?


  • BlueDragon – All
    • Question: Hello Cast, hope you all are doing well. I wanted to know if you be having a panel or doing something at a convention officially? My second question is what conventions will you all be going to?


  • Lady – Jazz
    • Question: I would guess by now you have read about the Cintiq Companion. I have done my own research and gotten my own point of view on it, but I wanted to get your thoughts of the product. Because you are in the design world with your job how would this make it better for you as work tool? How about your private drawing life, how would this aid you in drawing Jazz on Jazz chain up porn and stuff?


  • Rattrap – Tiptoe
    • Question – I saw your post about your diet, what key points did you fail at in your diet? How are you going to change your diet base on the new information you learn from your doctor? If you never ate cheese ever again what would you do?




  • From: JoeWolf @Schreddedwolf
    • Question: I been having some legs problem with doing squats but have read many things that squats are the best thing for a person to do. So my question lays in that, what is the best way to work out without doing squats or what are my options?


  • From: Lizs @ Schreddedwolf
    • Question: I saw your progress update on your webpage and Youtube channel and first wanted to say that you gotten a little thicker in the chest and it shows, congratulations! Would you be willing to go over your routine that you usually do for your chest? Of course I know that everybody’s body is different and what works for you won’t necessary work for me, but it would help aid me in forming my own plan for a routine.


  • From: Wo1f @ Schreddedwolf
    • Question:  With Mr. Olympia being over do you believe that Jay Culter is done and won’t win anymore or do you think he have one more win in him before he done?


  • From: Anonymous @ Schreddedwolf
    • Question: Other than working out and cars what other hobbies do you do for fun?


  • From: Wolfone @ Schreddedwolf
    • Question: Would you explain why you pick a wolf as a character? 


  • From: Anonymous @Beastly
    • I hear about your bike and stuff any way we can get a look at it?


  • From: Hornywolf @Max
    • Nice pecs…I see you like to have a pec exchange with Syn sometime, if I could rub your nipples while groping your pecs what side would you get you off more left, right or licking?


  • From: Anonymous @ Max
    • Hi Max, I been a fan of your for a while but wish to be left ID, I wanted to know with working out has your sexy drive been better than what it was before? Could you share any experiences of this if not that is okay, thank you for taking my message.


  • From: Anonymous @Snow
    • Hello Snow…..nice body….sorry I mean I like to know if you sleep nude or if you could would you work out nude? For some reason I see you as a nudist.

From:  AwsomeWolf @ Max/BB/Schreddedwolf

  • You all have your own point of views for working out, but do you have set routine you all keep to for set cycle then switch it up when that 7 to 12 weeks cycle is over? What is your routes in a weekly time frame.


  1. Closing Out: 
  • We can’t do the show without you, the listeners! 
  • Thank you for taking the time to rate us on iTunes or Thumbs us up at Stitcher Radio.
  • You can email us at FMC@furry-muscle.org
  • Have any questions or comments? Drop us a line at 571-208-BUFF (2833).
  • Follow us on Twitter @FurryMuscleCast
  • You can find show notes, pictures, links and many other materials at our main website http://www.furry-muscle.org
  • Next Furry-Muscle Cast: November- 8th (MidWest Furfest Bound!)










Schred 2.wmv


Schred 3.wmv



Show Notes: FMC - 27 - Show Notes.pdf

Show Download: FMC Episode - 27.mp3


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