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Rhyno Gym

Furry-Muscle Xmas gift to you.


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Ol' Saint Zak-Nicolas has been busy up in his hidden gym up in the north pole and he's given us all the gift of updates and new features a week early.

Updates/Additions include...

A new chatroom addition.

Many updates to the gallery, including the ability to create sub-albums, friendly urls, image notes, profile picture album.

RSS support and other changes to the member blogs.

We have a Contact us link that will show up on the forums that mods and myself can only see. The help desk is where people will not post bug and other issues of that type.

Skins will return as soon as updates are released to match the newest patch. (many things were changed which broke them.) Zak plans to open up the flood gates and allow users to chose their own from a selection of those installed as soon as the skin updates are released.

Other Updates of note.

The countdown to the Bull A-Way Give Away is upon us. Entries due December 20th.

P.S. Be sure to leave a plate of cookies for Zak-Nicolas on Xmas eve. :3

Happy Howl-E-Days

Werewolfhero wolfiewait.gif

(Full list of changes/additions below)

System Board

Many dozens of smaller bugs fixed and performance improvements and security enhancements were made.


IP.Chat 1.0 is a DHTML-driven chat room application that makes heavy use of javascript and AJAX technologies to present a feature-rich package that you and your members can use to chat real-time on your site.


Friendly URLs

IP.Gallery now makes full use of the IP.Board FURL system. Categories, albums, images and more now have the friendly URL structure you're familiar with.

Image notes

Image owners are now able to add notes to sections of their images, positioning and resizing them to suit. Other members will be able to see the notes when hovering over the image.

Image rotation

Images can now be rotated in 90° increments, to compensate for those photos taken in landscape or portrait, but saved in the wrong orientation.

New slideshow

We have completely rewritten the slideshow feature! It is now a unified interface, loading images on demand as necessary. Users can play or pause the slideshow at will, or jump to specific photos using the thumbnail bar.

Profile picture album

You can now create a new kind of album, a 'Profile Picture' Album. After this album has been created, any images that you upload to it will be displayed on the change picture page in your User CP, making them easy to select as your profile image.

Sub albums

Albums now support unlimited sub albums, which work exactly like gallery sub categories.

Category & album covers

It is now possible to specify one of the images in a category or album to be the cover of that category or album. If a cover image is specified, it will always be displayed for that category or album, instead of the last image thumbnail.

Friends-only albums

When creating an album, users can now choose to restrict viewing to only those users who are on their friends list.

Reputation support in comments

We have added support for IP.Board's reputation feature in comments posted within IP.Gallery.

Interface tweaks

We have updated the style of categories so that larger versions of the image are used, to give more impact. The image listing has also been updated, and will now show as many images on a row as the users browser can fit. This should improve the display of IP.Gallery for users who have higher screen resolutions. The image view screen has also been improved, including support for those features mentioned above.


List View Returns

A common request was the return of a fully sortable and filterable list view for blogs that emulated a forum view. I have added this in. You'll notice you can click the table headers to sort on that column and click again to reverse the sort. There is also a "List Blogs" sidebar block to quickly filter and list the blogs.

There's even a little 'preview the latest entry' icon that shows the entry excerpt in a pop-up so you don't have to leave the page to preview it.

Dynamic Sidebar Block

I've moved some the footer links (Top 10 bloggers, etc) into a dynamic sidebar along with Recent Entries. This makes it easier to locate and saves a bit of space.

RSS Imports

Another long requested feature was to be able to create entries from an RSS feed. This is now a feature. You can control which member groups have access to this as well as limit the number of items imported on each cycle.

Banish Entries

You can now banish entries from the front page to remove any 'clutter' such as 'testing' blogs or other unsuitable content.

ACP Clean-up

I've gone through and cleaned up some of the Admin CP pages to make them a little easier to understand and navigate. I've added explanations to the 'Headers' / 'Dynamic Headers' pages so it's clear what they do.

Please have a click around and let us know what you think. We've tried very hard to incorporate a lot of commonly requested features in this release and we'll continue to do so over several subsequent releases.

As always, this is late alpha software so please report any bugs into the Blog bug tracker as normal

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