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Furry-Muscle Cast – 20 – This or That


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Furry-Muscle Cast – 20 – This or That


Guess Co-Host
Tremorwolf - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/tremorwolf
Hollie Hyena - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/holliehyena


1.  Introductions:
• Tremor Wolf – Torn between fuel for his car or supplements it’s. (Guess Host)
• Hollie Hyena – You better stay on her good side or she auction you off to the highest bidder it’s. (Guess Host)
• Maximus Ursus – If you hear him sign in a chorus he signs great, but alone well…it’s.
• Tiptoe – He still licking that damn engine piston, is it done yet? It’s.
• Beastly Bahamut – Always grumpy and smiles sometimes it’s.
• Schreeded Wolf – He not the only big bad wolf in town, be afraid it’s.
• Jazz Wolf – He jiggle, juices and jizz’s allover it’s.
• Snow: He still not being seen under all that wet stuff it’s.
• Zak – I’m orange and you know it! Your host.



2. Building a healthy body on a budget.
• One of the greatest misconceptions people have about making healthy food choices is that it somehow costs too much to eat right.
• Buy carbs in bulk – Oatmeal, Brown rice, Beans, etc.
• Never buy full price meat products – Tuna, chicken breast, and lean beef cuts are ALWAYS on sale at least twice a month. Look for "reduced for quick sale" or other daily specials and stock up when the price is right.
• Buy Generic: Look for store brands, shop by best value not brand name.
• Don't Throw Anything Away – Freezing leftovers like extra rice, sauces, or chicken in 1/2 c "snack" baggies will money and time. Save for fast meals or lunches instead of eating out.
• Primarily Shop The Outer Ring Of The Store - Most of what you really need to eat is always located in the outer ring of the store. When you get closer to the center you get sodas, chips and things you don’t need.
• Limit Experimentation With Nutritional Supplements – If you’re a beginner and on a training program stick to one flavor of protein.
• Don't Smoke Or Drink Heavily – A carton a week habit of smokes or two nights at the bar is worth 50 pounds of sale priced boneless, skinless chicken breast and at least a few years of life.
• Eat Clean... At Home - Learn to cook. Stay home. Save your money for next Tuesday's meat sale or your monthly gym membership.


3. How to get back to training after have an illness.
• Take it Slow! - Reduced the intensity of your workout and build back up to that level slowly.
o Going back to the same intensity level after being sick has a higher chance of damage the muscles.
o This also gets the body back to the demands that were put on before it became ill.
• After being sick for more than a week, take one to two weeks to get back to full intensity.
• Sleep! – Sleep as a full eight to nine hours without wakening.
• Good Nutrition: When our bodies get sick it will suppress appetite. Eat fruits and vegetables to stay from being nauseous.
• Vitamin D – Great stuff in it to help the body fight off infections and diseases.


4. Emails
• Max – From Hornydog – Would you ever consider wearing your fursuit at one of your concert if they allow it? Or just because if you could?
• Tiptoe – From Anonymous – Will you be display some of your model cars at MidWest Furfest.
• Schred – From Wolfs – What is the most important muscle you like to work out or see the best on you when you look at yourself in the mirror?
• Snow – From Dragonone – Will you be entering a contest soon?
• Termor Wolf – From Anonymous - Will all the chicken and tuna in world going dry what would you eat?
• Jazz – From Anonymous - Will you be taking more badges and such for AnthroCon or MFF?
• Tiptoe – From Anonymous – What are your status as of your bulk or dieting plans? I hear Max talk about you guys working out and such but I never hear much from your side of things.
• Zak – From Anonymous – Will you be doing something like a journal on your progress for people to follow like Max?


5. ITunes Reviews
By: i3FreezN09
5 Stars - Awesome – Furries and working out my two favorite things.


Outro –
1. We would like to hear from you, the listeners. If you have comments or questions please do email us or send us a recording to FMC@Furry-Muscle.Org
2. You can contact us via phone at 571-208-BUFF (2833).
3. You can find the podcast on iTunes
4. Were on Twitter @FurryMuscleCast
5. You can find show notes and many other materials at our main website www.Furry-Muscle.Org
6. Next Furry-Muscle Cast: March – 8th




Show Notes: FMC-20-ShowNotes.pdf

Show Recording Download: FMC Episode - 20.mp3

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