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Furry-Muscle Cast – 18 – Happy “Fury-Muscle� Christmas


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The last Furry-Muscle of 2012 is now live. Next year shows have been posted please check out the FMC - 2013 - Dates PDF file for more information  Hope you all enjoy it and have a very happy holiday season and be safe!



Furry-Muscle Cast – 18 – Happy “Fury-Muscle” Christmas

Guess Co-Host

  Korak Sinatra - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/koraksinatra

Novra - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/novra

Kinimus Wolf - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/kinimus

Interview Time - Tube - https://www.furaffinity.net/user/tube




1.       Introductions

a.       Introduce our co-host;

                 i.      Explain who they are.

                 ii.      Expand on what their backgrounds are in the Furry world.

                 iii.      What with them all and future plans.

b.      How has the main Cast been the since the last podcast?

c.       Plans for the Christmas?

d.      Plans for the New Year (2013)

e.      Next year goals or plans?


2.       Topics

a.       The gym rush - January is the month when longtime members almost don't want to go to the gym. It's because so many newcomers do. For the first few months there a rush of people at local gyms. This can cause issues with main members that come often then the ones that don’t.

      i.      What are the major issues that you see in your gym?

      ii.      What is the most bothering about this?

      iii.      Anything the gym can do to help everybody out?


b.      How to Choose a Gym - http://www.furry-muscle.org/page/articles.html/_/getting-fit/how-to-choose-a-gym-r33  Article on Furry-Muscle.Org;  Great time to talk about this topic.

                i.       What is location important?

                ii.      How does atmosphere effect you while working out?

                iii.     What weightlifting equipment do you look for in a gym?

                iv.     How about cardiovascular equipment?

                v.      Does the staff make a gym or break it for you?

                vi.     Lastly how, does the cleanliness & maintenance of the gym appeal to your gym?


c.       Artist Tools – Major tools artist use for working on art.

     i.      Which one do you use an why?

     ii.      Sai Paint Tool – Good Points / Bad Points; Why?

     iii.      Photoshop - Good Points / Bad Points; Why?

     iv.      Other Software?


d.      Keep The Muse Alive – How do you keep the muse (creative mind set) working when your stress out, down, artist block, etc.

     i.      What do you do to get out of this rut?

     ii.      What are signs of the muse drying up?

     iii.      What works for you the most?


3.       E-Mails.

·         Jazz – From Dragonone; Do you draw other things other than doggies all the time?

·         Max – From Hornydog – Will you be posing with your armor soon?

·         Max – From Hornydog – Can I bear with you?

·         Max – From Hornydog – Think I can feel you in your fursuite at a con when you flex, NOT that way, but for a picture?

·         Beastly – From Sharke Are you going to Anthrocon this year?

·         Schredded – From Pumpup Wolf – I see you work out your chest a lot, with the leg problem you have how do you handle  working these muscles and get      pass the pain?

·         Tiptoe – From Anonymous – How long have you been building model cars and what fun do you get from it? How did you ever get in to it as well?


4.       Next Furry-Muscle Cast on January – 11th.

http://www.furry-muscle.org/page/furry_muscle_cast_show.html Main Shot Page


Show Notes: FMC - 18.pdf

2013 FMC Show Scheduled - FMC - 2013 - Dates.pdf

Show Recording - FMC Episode - 18.mp3

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