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Furry-Muscle Cast Episode – 16 & 17 – Thankslifting


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Furry-Muscle Cast Episode – 16 & 17 – Thankslifting

Guess Co-Host - Hollie Hyena

Guess Co-Host - Tremor Wolf

Hello fellow FMC fans! The next Furry-Muscle Cast is ready for you do download and enjoy! A short few weeks ago the United States was hit with a hurricane name Sandy. With being the area that Sandy was hitting the timing of October Cast was not working out well. Thus with November only being here a few days later I choose to put show 16 & 17 together to keep us on track with the our month numbers listing. Enjoy!


- Mr. Olympia Review


- Interval Training Cardio Hour - (Holiday Special)

- E-Mails

- All the other crazy stuff that happens on the Cast!

FMC is a variety of content and information from the podcast, which included podcast notes, questions for upcoming podcast, contest and news. Want your question answer on air with the FMC group? Then email, phone or shot us a short MP3 clip to be play on the podcast! E-Mail: FMC@furry-muscle.org Phone: 571-208-BUFF (2833) Check out more information at Furry-Muscle.Org

FMC 16 & 18 Show Download -

FMC Episode - 16 - 17.mp3

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