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Furry-Muscle Cast Episode – 15 - Low Key


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Check out show notes, downloads and other information about Furry-Muscle and FMC. Were on Stitcher Radio and iTunes! :D

E-Mail: FMC@furry-muscle.org Phone: 571-208-BUFF (2833)

Furry-Muscle Cast Episode – 15

Next Cast October 26

1. Bodybuilding & Relationships:

Ø Initial Contact

Ø Aligning/Building

Ø Keeping In Touch

Ø Bodybuilding Develops Your Passion

Ø Bodybuilding Builds Confidence

2. Gym Hygiene

Ø Shower on a regular basis

Ø Uses a loofah when showering - A loofah exfoliates and removes the outer layer of dead skin.

Ø Wash clothes after exercising; in hot water.

Ø Adding cup of baking soda helps to rid clothes of smells.

Ø Gym bags; buy bags that can be wash.

3. Person Appeals to Bodybuilding/Working Out

Ø Why

Ø What about bodybuilding “hook” you?

Ø How has it change your life and or outlook?

Ø What future goals do you have?

Show Notes:

FMC - 15 Show Notes.pdf

Direct Download!

FMC Episode - 15.mp3

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