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My story idea


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Sorry for my bad English:)

So John and Tom met in high school. John and Tom were good friends. However, Tom is one of the school began to train. Day by day, Tom's muscles were growing in size. Tom began to blow John. Tom was more muscular, became more arrogant. Tom's everyone's heart. Tom has been successful. He opened a gym and became rich. John, however, unsuccessful. John was poor. He tried to make a living. John was getting fatter. He left himself. Finally, years later, John went to Tom's gym before. Tom recognized . Tom and his friends laughed . John then fled in a dark alley. John is a neglected dark alley strayed. The alley looks like this:


John lost. A few minutes later, John found a man. The man gives John a piece of parchment. The Mystery Man tells John to read the parchment in front of a man. The man cursed parchment. John then goes home. Eating and sleeping. Then John goes to his workplace. John is a policeman. John's clothes:


John is looking to the efficacy of this parchment. John working hours immediately after the end of Tom's gym in a hurry. The gym looks like this:


John immediately read the parchment. Then everyone laughs. Tom goes there, John, and says to him, or John's pathetic! Instead, you start to train!

Then John ran home. John begins to eat and sleep. John caught three hours later. John's clothes are very tight. John you look at yourself in the mirror. John's muscles are huge. The tight clothes policeman. John started to laugh. Then run away to the gym to eldicsekedjen. While John ran the gym, your muscles getting bigger and bigger. By the time John reaches the gym, his clothes torn apart. Only the belt remains. The belt is trying to join forces with John powerful muscles. John goes to the gym. Then you see that Tom and his friends start to get fat. John realizes that he cursed, with the body swap. Tom So the more you exercise, the more muscular will be John. Tom however, more and more to gain weight.

After John's clothes burst, John picks up the shirt:


But this did not last long. Says John Tom and his friends:

Anyone who trains hard enough, to give huge muscles.

Suddenly everyone started to train. Becoming harder and harder.

John will be more muscular and more muscular. While the rest of the people more and more to gain weight. John muscles eventually grow huge. However, the Furries do not believe John. They start to stop exercising. However, John wanted to have more muscles. Therefore, Tom takes the curse. Tom suddenly starts to get built. But Tom wants to avenge , what it did. Tom is one of several tons of weight to the machine. Tom then increase the weight on one. John sudden swelling of muscles. John's muscles begin to ache because of too fast growing. John wants to run against Tom to stop there. But Tom's train harder. John tries to run, but the muscles are too big to be able to move. Before kidurranna John, stop Tom. Tom comes up in front of John, and he says: At last, a muscular, or, as I wanted to be. Then Tom's name. Then Tom and tear away the parchment. John can not do anything, because an excess of muscle. The curse is broken. The extra muscle is spread out among bodybuilders. Tom and his friends giant, while John fatter than ever.

But the story does not end. If you manage to implement it in the comic, you can send it to the sequel!

Can anyone draw it??

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