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Rules, Regulations & ToS Updated


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Trying to always improve the Furry-Muscle site and podcast and the events of the net here lately. We will be updated Rules, Regulations & Terms of Service Agreement (TOS). Please do keep in mind this is the first time of making such a document of this type and there may be more work need to smooth it out. This is the main draft of the ToS, if everything goes smoothly I will push it to go live with an all site announcement. I of course would love to have your feedback so please post your reply. If everything goes well this will be going live 2/6/2012 and a announcement will be made.

Rules, Regulations & Terms of Service agreement

- Furry-Muscle.com (website / podcast / forum) reserves the right to change our polices at any time, without prior notice, for any reason. Continued use of the site after notice of changes to the site policies constitutes your acceptance and agreement with any and all changes.

- Post in English language only please. If English is not your first language and you don't feel confident in the translation, you can include the original text alongside.

- Registration required: The board administrators require all individuals to register before they can reply to posts or start new threads (you can do this by pressing the register button on the bar above and filling out the relevant details). Registration also allows you to edit your posts, specify a signature, receive email notification of replies to your threads, and much more. Membership is, of course, totally free, and you can share as many, or as little, personal details as you wish. Your email address can be optionally hidden, ensuring complete privacy.

- Respect for Admins/Moderators and their decisions: Administrators and moderators are there to ensure order, sort out disputes, and generally just keep the bulletin boards tidy. They have the power to edit, delete, or move any posts in their forums. If you are unhappy about a particular forum, you should contact the relevant moderator direct by e-mail, the Furry-Muscle messaging system. Please do not post topics such as "Why was my post edited/locked/deleted etc". Bear in mind that most moderators do this work out of the goodness of their heart, giving up considerable amounts of time for their hobby, totally free of charge. They do a great job, please support them.

- No spamming: Both short insightful posts and long rambling posts are welcome here at the Furry-Muscle forums, but posts consisting of nothing but emoticon(s), just a couple of words (e.g. "I agree!" or "Me too!"), or worn-out cliche'd memes/phrases are discouraged. Trying to increase your post-count with such replies is greatly frowned upon, and may result in the deletion of those posts and a temporary or even permanent ban.

- No inappropriate swearing or personal attacks: All members are expected to be courteous to each other at all times, and to refrain from abusing or deriding other F-M users. In addition to the content of forum posts, this includes the registration of offensive usernames as well. If you have a dispute with someone, please do not fight it out in the forums - use the private messaging system or take it to a moderator/admin for arbitration.

- No links to or requests for 'warez': This cannot be stressed highly enough - bulletin boards posting links to or even endorsing the acquisition/sharing of pirated material are often fined and/or shut down by the relevant authorities. For this reason, publicly providing or asking for information on 'warez', 'gamez', or any other infringement of copyrighted intellectual property, is expressly forbidden and will be enforced with an immediate ban. Note this does not include the discussion of copyright issues and policies, just the facilitation of piracy.

- No excessive commercial/self-promotion: Promoting your own website is certainly allowed, but not to the point where it interferes with others experience of the forums. Linking to your website in your signature is certainly alright, but spamming the forums with the URL is certainly not. The forums exist for people to freely share knowledge with each other, not to provide them with personal financial gain or free advertising.

- Delete Account: For security reasons Furry-Muscle will NOT delete any account. When the individual sign-up for an account they understand this as part of the terms and agreements.


- Please avoid flooding the gallery with large quantities of extremely similar pictures and/or needlessly high-resolution photographs. While the site does have a lot of storage-space, it is still not unlimited (or free to us!), so please help us conserve it where possible. This is not to say that interesting photos of everyday things is wrong, but please try to make sure they represent an interesting pose, enticing closeness, or something else 'worthwhile'. Any photos breaching this rule may be removed without notice.

A: Drawn Images:

1.) Please make sure that any images you submitted are either "for you" or "by you", to help avoid issues regarding accusations of "art theft".

a.) For you - Images that were drawn for you, i.e. commissioned images, gift pictures.

b.) By you - Images you've drawn yourself.

2.) Images CAN contain: Anthro subjects, Human subjects, Male subjects, Female subjects, adult/sexual themes.

3.) Images can NOT contain: ANY type of child porn (including cub artwork) or any art featuring underage or blatantly-underage-APPEARING characters of an adult nature. Children in non-sexual poses or non-mature themes are acceptable.

B: Photographic Images

1.) Real Life (RL) pictures are permitted, but please keep them PG13 (no full nudity). FM is a fitness/art-community, not an amateur porn site.

C: Photomorph Images:

1.) Photomorphs of real human subjects are no longer allowed.

2.) Any photomorph posted after March 1st 2011 will be deleted without notice.

3.) Any photomorphs posted to the gallery prior to March 1st, 2011, will be 'grandfathered in' and allowed to stay .


1.) Furry-Muscle.com operates in the United States of America. All US laws apply to anything posted to Furry-Muscle regardless of the country of origin. An adult is defined as being the age of eighteen (18) years or older.

2.) When registering as a user of Furry-Muscle.com the user affirms that they are of the legal age of eighteen (18) years or older. They also agree to the entire preceding Terms of Service agreement.

3.) Furry-Muscle.com will not be held responsible for minors who lie about their age. Each active user has agreed to the Terms of Service and affirmed that they are of legal age.

4.) If a user is discovered not to be of legal age (eighteen (18) years or older), Furry-Muscle staff will rectify the situation as appropriate.

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