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Look, I'm sorry, I know I rarely visit this place and I bet I still would even if I had no college... but this place is not exactly as crowded. Do we really need a section for birthdays where the Admin posts a thread everyday likely often for users whom don't even come around anymore?

On the other forums people usually just write a journal or post a thread about their B-days and that's that. People respond to it knowing it's a real active user and.... things work out.

AGAIN sorry, but it just seems a bit like a waste of the admins time to me, hence my suggestion

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I have to agree. I mean on the side of the forum it says who Bdays it is, so a Bday section isn't really needed. I mean having FM send a e-mail saying have a happy bday or wishing the people a happy bday is enough as it does it automatically. So yeah... A bday section really isn't needed.

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