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Found 2 results

  1. As many of you have already noticed Furry-Muscle's forum software has been updated to the newest build. There are many improvements, changes, and new features which shall be addressed, but first there were some unforeseen glitches brought forth as well. Due to a minor glitch a few improperly validated accounts were accidentally deleted. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you've found that your account was deleted, or have any trouble please make use of the Help Desk and Zak will try to resurrect the account, in the mean time feel free to recreate an account and if you have a vague idea of what rank tag you had, I'll try and give back some of the post count. Links, Tutorials, Skins, and a few other addons are down atm due to awaiting compatibility updates. Also if any members experience bugs with other features please let us know via the help desk so they can be flagged for repair. Updates, changes, and new features.... Some of the new features include a tagging system, calendar modifications, a photo editor, posting modifications, messaging modifications, and much more. For the full break down, continue reading below.... Calendar Improvements SEO Improvements: http://community.inv...o-improvements/ Consistency: http://community.inv...ii-consistency/ RSVP: http://community.inv...-part-iii-rsvp/ Simplification and interface changes: http://community.inv...erface-changes/ iCalendar support: http://community.inv...lendar-support/ Moderator Functions Report Center improvements: http://community.inv...r-improvements/ Editing Member improvements: http://community.inv...r-improvements/ Moderator Control Panel: http://community.inv...-control-panel/ New Text Editor New editor and auto-save: http://community.inv...ew-text-editor/ Cleaner interface, quick reply, quick quoting: http://community.inv...editor-part-ii/ New post alert while typing reply: http://community.inv...ditor-part-iii/ AdminCP New style: http://community.inv...-admincp-style/ New "like" reputation mode: http://community.inv...tion-mode-like/ Easy member management: http://community.inv...ber-management/ Improved restrictions: http://community.inv...s-enhancements/ Forum Management: http://community.inv...rum-management/ Remote skin editing: http://community.inv...e-skin-editing/ Core Functionality View new content and topic marking improvements: http://community.inv...d-topic-marking and part 2: http://community.inv...t-improvements/ New Photo Editor: http://community.inv...w-photo-editor/ Shared media: http://community.inv...e-shared-media/ Tagging and prefixes: http://community.inv...g-and-prefixes/ Notification enhancements: http://community.inv...n-enhancements/ and http://community.inv...cations-part-2/ New mobile skin: http://community.inv...te-mobile-skin/ Miscellaneous Changes "Delete All" button has been added to the SQL error logs page Linear+ and Outline modes removed for topic viewing (they're a hold-over from an older time on the web and it's time to retire them) Support for IPv6 You can now use the member management tools to search for incomplete members Pagination added to the incomplete members page of the ACP If only one skin or language is choosable, the dropdown selector at the bottom of the page will be hidden Member photos and member avatars are being merged into one function: member photo. There was too much overlap between the two features. IP.Calendar and IP.Chat will no longer be bundled in the IP.Board download zip to reduce the size of the download. This also allows clients who have no interest in IP.Chat or IP.Calendar to choose not to download or install those applications. Of course those who do wish to use those applications can easily download from the client area and install them. Rebuild FURL cache button has been moved to the cache management page. It is now possible to rename the “hooks” folder to something else editing the constant IPS_HOOKS_PATH in initdata.php. You can now edit each group’s report center permissions directly from the group management area Report center now supports item marking to remember and indicate which reports you’ve viewed Customers who have purchased Copyright Removal no longer need to enter a separate Copyright Removal key. The copyright will automatically be removed when activating your license. New settings for attachments to limit size of files stored on disk Separate ACP restriction options have been added for managing spam users and incomplete users (access to these areas were previously controlled by the option “can manage banned users”). “Show X Last visitors in profile” now shows always the last 5 visitors if the setting is enabled rather than having a 3, 5, 10 dropdown choice. New ACP tool to create the cronjobs to rebuild sphinx indexes When adding a ban filter in the ACP you will now have an option to enter a reason visible to all admins (the reason won’t show in the public side). Pinned, polls, and moved topic prefixes have been moved to language files (they were previously in the settings area) Many redundant or pointless settings removed. Other settings moved to more logical locations. Some settings groups merged to create fewer groups to go through when setting up your community. System Settings menu item moved to a top-level menu item under System tab so it's available with one-click anywhere in AdminCP. The note box in your My Settings (UserCP) area has been removed. It is a hold-over from years past and doesn't seem to make sense in community software. If you are one of the very few people who use this: make a copy of your notes before upgrade. The unread topic marking system will now remember what page of a topic you left off reading rather than assume you read the entire topic on the first click. Other Important Changes IP.Subscriptions, our simple application to allow you to sell member group promotions on your community, will be updated to work with IP.Board 3.2 but this will be the last update to IP.Subscriptions. IP.Subscriptions has been around for many years - long before communities were assumed to bring in revenue - and it's time to retire it to focus on our more modern application: IP.Nexus. With the release of IP.Board 3.2, IP.Subscriptions will be considered end of life (EOL) and will no longer be supported. Clients should switch to the new IP.Nexus product which is continually updated and contains many more opportunities to monetize your community. A member of our community, Andy Rixon, has agreed to take on continuing development of this product so those of you who use it will still have a solution. The Portal application in IP.Board has existed from the very early days of our company. It was only ever intended as a simple portal and demo of the software but grew a bit over time. It has had minimal updates and the feature set is very minimal when compared to today's expectations of community owners and operators. The Portal application will not ship with IP.Board 3.2 and should be considered EOL. It will be available in the IPS Marketplace after IP.Board 3.2's release for those of you who do use it so you can still upgrade to 3.2. We will also post information on how to easily replicate the Portal's functionality in IP.Content which offers all that the old Portal did and much, much more. A member of our community, Andy Rixon, has agreed to take on continuing development of this product so those of you who use it will still have a solution. As IP.Board 3.2 will have a whole new default skin, the CleanCut skin will become redundant and will therefore no longer be updated by IPS TONS OF EXTRAS! ---------------------------------
  2. Nammuch to really say, updated gallery software and front page abit. Normal uploading to it's still down. Having to force it in via ftp and then check for new images/thumbnails. Guess should be glad even that works. Really not wanting to have to redo the gallery install or replace it considering i've got over 800 images in it and it'd take forever to reupload them all, then have to redescribe, retag, etc. x.x
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