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Forum Rules & Regulations | Updated 6-7-2017

Every growing community needs rules to define boundaries and expected standards of conduct. These forums are no different, so here is a list of rules all users are expected to understand and abide by:

A.      English Language is use only.

B.      Registration is required: The board administrators require all individuals to register before they can reply to posts or start new threads (you can do this by pressing the register button on the bar above and filling out the relevant details). Registration also allows you to edit your posts, specify a signature, receive email notification of replies to your threads, and much more. Membership is, of course, totally free, and you can share as many, or as little, personal details as you wish. Your email address can be optionally hidden, ensuring complete privacy.

C.      Submission to Admins/Moderators: Administrators and moderators are there to ensure order, sort out disputes, and generally just keep the bulletin boards tidy. They have the power to edit, delete, or move any posts in their forums. If you are unhappy about a particular forum, you should contact the relevant moderator direct by e-mail, the Rhyno Gym messaging system. Please do not post topics such as "Why was my post edited/locked/deleted etc". Bear in mind that most moderators do this work out of the goodness of their heart, giving up considerable amounts of time for their hobby, totally free of charge. They do a great job, please support them.

D.      No spamming: Short and meaningful, or long and rambling posts are always welcome here at the Rhyno Gym: Massive Muscle Club forums, but a dim view is taken of those individuals who reply to posts with a mere smile, a couple of words or continually repeated phrases. Trying to increase your posts number using these methods is highly frowned upon, and may result in deletion of posts and a temporary/permanent ban.

E.       No inappropriate swearing or personal attacks: Although these forums are welcome to all, we are freely viewable by people of all ages, so language or conduct inappropriate for children will not be tolerated. For this reason, swearing and the posting of "adult" or offensive material is forbidden UNLESS IN ADULT-RESTRICTED CATEGORIES. Simply replacing some of the letters in a swear word with a * or any other character is not acceptable. If you REALLY have to swear, please replace all the letters with *'s (i.e. ****), or use the angry emoticon. We also expect all members to be courteous to each other and refrain from abusing or deriding other members. In addition to forum posts, this relates to offensive usernames as well. If you have a dispute, please do not fight it out in the forums - use the private messaging system or take it to a moderator/admin for arbitration.

F.       No links or requests for 'warez': This cannot be stressed highly enough - bulletin boards posting links to pirated material are often fined and/or shut down by the relevant authorities. For this reason, providing or asking for information on 'warez', 'gamez' , etc, is expressly forbidden and will be enforced heavily. If you really MUST talk about illegally-obtained copyright material, use the private messaging system, where everything you say is not monitored.

G.     No over-promotion of business interests: Promoting your own website is most certainly allowed, but not to the degradation of the forums. By this, we mean that you can link to your website in your signature, but spamming forums with the address is most certainly forbidden. The forums are here to allow people to freely share knowledge, not provide them with personal financial gain, or free advertising.

H.      Correct use of the Community Gallery: Please avoid flooding the gallery with large quantities of similar pictures and/or photographs. This rule is mainly aimed at stopping the holiday snaps plague which threatens to bury us all. This is not to say that interesting photos of everyday things is wrong, but please try to make make sure they represent an interesting pose, enticing closeness, or something else special. Any photos breaching this rule may be removed without notice.

I.        People who register with Rhyno Gym are stating that the are the age of eighteen (18) years of age or older. Rhyno Gym is not held responsible for minors (young people) and should be supervised by their guardian(s) (AKA adult(s)).

J.        All those breaking the rules can first expect a verbal warning by a moderator/admin and then, if they persist, a temporary posting or permitted ban may be issues. Persistent and deliberate rule-breakers will have their account "K-lined". That means they are no longer welcome on these forums and their account will no longer function. If they re-register, their new account will be killed immediately. That said, you have absolutely nothing to fear if you follow the rules and act like a civil member of human society.

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