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  3. Tubbing in Pool

    Tubbing in Blue Liger's Pool
  4. New ::dev:: Gym Equipment

    Trying out my new gym equipment on SL
  5. Rubberkitten/ShadowRK/LoveCat Art

    Art drawn by me.
  6. FunrirWoulfe

    Art of the dai kaiju eiga wolf
  7. Sick and Migraines, who will nurse me back to health?

  8. Chief Tokada Wolfhorn

  9. Ziggy stetches

    Some of the sketches I've acquired over the time.
  10. Chat anyone? (not RP)

  11. A new season of missions is coming to Star Trek Online. Still wish I had a group to play with.



    1. Shadow Mutt

      Shadow Mutt

      I'm the Big Polar Bear, Yuri is the cat


    1. Shadow Mutt

      Shadow Mutt

      I'm the Leomon in these videos, Yuri is the Weregarurumon



    1. Shadow Mutt

      Shadow Mutt

      These Videos are made by YuriFox guess starred in them.

  15. Played with my piercings more, tried making them look like I got parts from a hardware shop.





  16. who wants to help me move my gym equipment to the basement? X3

  17. Jabu bara artwork

    My artworks or illustrations(Bara, muscles, bodybuilding, macro, manly, NSFW and etc.)
  18. ItsBrou

    Anything I manage to remember to add here.
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