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Fixing my forming and clap pushups...eik!!Paw sored....




Today...yes it is a typical dicky Monday which I hate the most in my life and despite my previous entry mentioning about I am going to do the reconfiguration of my forming,hehe I am starting with my chest day.First of all,I did used the free weighted barbell to find out whats my mistake is.Surprisingly,my left and right paw are really imbalance at all.Seeing that my right paw are stronger than my left paw,I am fixing it up by making sure whenever I am lifting it there should always synchronized and putting it back as well.At first i really kept on repeating the same mistake(sorry I cursed all the way ugh,but I am still improving my emotion and aggressiveness) but finally...I am going to keep up the correct form.

Second,as for the pushups I did realize as well for my mistake and yes the same bending arm problem so I am configuring my position in order to fix the forming.Things really comes up that well and time worthed as I spent half an hour....long to fix the problem.However,as I mentioned foremost the clap pushups does a killer to me cuz.... I spent an hour of just learning how to clap my paw?!.....what!?On the pushups....eh...well it did made both of my hand paw sore due to the friction and my constant epic failure argh! ._. It does really embarrassing when I fall and move out from the position and other people thought I am a cookoo-yabalabadoo...pfft...whatever I am just doing what I am doing(seriously my gym mate did pushed me alittle until I give up)but I only managed to did it continuous for 5 times...and dead drop!Yet I cursed alot inisde the gym cuz I am whining in madness...(...my gymmate did pushed me like insane on fixing up my forming)

Anyway,it is my last routine for the month and right now I have a new target which is fixing up my bad habit and forming as well so that I can keep on improving and get the best I am...well this silly wolf...and his inner beast still very naive heh....I admit it!I believe from now weight is nothing to me if I dont fix up my forming so I can go break myself off from the rookie rank into intermediate in the muscle fur community... Heh...I can do it!But I also want to add in that my dad,last Tuesday ago went in ICU due to a sudden stroke attack and his blood vessel burst inside his left cerebral,causing his right part of his body paralysed...Praise the Lord,he's discharged and currently taking medication and resting in his home.Temporary he couldnt go for his business even playing golf but I hope and pray for the best of his health and longetivity.Taking it as a lesson,I should be fully aware on my diet and all sort of things as well especially my emotion.Yes I am still improving myself and learning so I now I will and yes control my emotion.Not to mention,my confidence is really improved and I know I can do it more better in an assertive mental...but I have to be mentally fit as well...fine take it one step at a time!Yet I am fed up making up as a mature dude,so...its not bad to be a little boy instead of a so-called alpha male but always confused,clueless and emotional and moody.

Go on the horizon of improving myself,




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