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Starter...JUST DO IT!




Hello guys,I am decided to go dream big on something I never done before back then,it's not all about being crazy or all sort of stuff but I am going to challenge myself to get myself pumped and get stronger just like those awesome muscle fur such as Mr.Maximus Ursus and my dearest big bro Furvus Wolf.I know it's really comes with pain and dedication,yet a whole lot of effort which is fundamental in order to pursuit my goal.Though I had a major setback recently and it's really bringing me down so badly on everything,I been lost of confidence nevertheless but as I decided to dream big and go pumped it's about time to pick up my pace and keep moving forward no matter what.Like my big bro told me before:"all I want to challenge you is to have self-confidence.If someone trying to bring you down,never get trapped.Yet to prove yourself and other by taking action" so I will never quit even pain comes assault.(Yes I admit back then I couldnt take even a small pain but now I am learning how-to).Have a nice day to you guys.




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