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SMR- the god send




Any experienced lifter will, or should, tell you that flexibility is CRITICAL to continued gains, body posture and joint integrity. Another crucial, and oft over looked, aspect is Self Myofascial Release, or SMR. Basically, it's a self massage with a foam roller, or tennis ball or something similar. I can definitely say, from experience, that SMR is really great, and feels great. I highly encourage EVERYONE to do it!

I bring it up today, since I was finally shown a good exercise to loosen and relax my Psoas muscles, which I've had problems with for some time. My right side is overactive compared to the left, and this affects my dead lifts, squats and a number of other exercises and movements, as well as fatigues my back. Hopefully, with this new trick, I can target the area even more precisely and improve me performance!

I usually get a good, general session in with each work out, but on big days I'll target the main muscle groups to be worked, such as pec maj/min, quads and hams, glutes, forearms, or whatever the case may be. I do a shorter SMR session during warm up, and usually a longer one after. Works like a charm!

So, go out and get a tennis ball, baseballs and even golf balls also work, or a foam roller, and get those muscles back to their proper resting lengths!

Thanks for reading!



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How am I suppose to do SMR?With a ball or roller rubbing on a specific muscle group?

Exactly! You use a tennis ball or other semi soft ball and just roll it over sore areas!

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