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So, despite me silence around here, I've been pretty busy in the gym! Been working my deadlift, squat and bench, as usual, but have also been getting more into kettle bells, and of course keeping up with kickboxing. I'll have to write up a more detailed entry to report on all that. In short, things have been going pretty well!

I've started to experiment more and more with some lifts by doing 6-8 sets of exercises I feel pretty strong in. This is especially been the case with my dead lift. Recently, I've been doing a warm up set or two, with at least six working sets of 6-8 reps each, usually lifting 75-85% of my max.

I've cut down my cardio in the past couple of months, and have been rewarded by putting on some weight. Due to my schedule and lack of consistent chow time, I've started taking a gainer shake pretty regularly, and taking creatine. I think they have both been pretty positive, so far!

More to come, so keep lifting hard!

Until next time, WOOF!



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Any progress for muscle gain or fat lost?

Yes a lot actually! Put on some serious muscle all over, but particularly in the chest, back and legs!!

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