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Super set 8x8!





So I've been modifying my standing 5x5 routine of bench press, dead lift and squat from the standard to making it four sets of 8 reps of a super set for both exercises. My workouts look something like this, as far as big lifts go:

warm up

balance/proprioceptive warm up

Clean to front squat 5/5

Deadlift/dumb bell chest press superset 4/8

Squat/pull up superset 4/8

Bench press/barbell standing row superset 4/8

Supplementary lifts:

Bicep curl 15s x2

shoulder raises 4/10

core routine

cool down


I must say, making the big lifts into super sets is a really great kick in the ass! Sure gets the heart pumping! Deadlift/bench press super sets have become a new favorite of mine, when time is short and space is available.

Again, thank you for reading, and as always please feel free to comment, critique and ask questions! I am looking to take my CPT test through NASM in the upcoming weeks, and look forward to starting down that career path!

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Dead lifts are when the barbell is on the ground and the lifter picks it up off the ground, and then lowers it. Check it out on YouTube. It's probably one of the best, most effective lifts one can do for strength, size and functional ability!!

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