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Hello World!





This is the start to what I hope to make a regular blogging post on my weightloss goals, strength development, thoughts or reviews on nutritional products, and discussion of stories that revolve around the world of personal health and fitness.

Any input on what I could/should write will be greatly appreciated! Want me to buy a product and give it a try? Write my spin on a news article? Try out a new/uncommon workout regimine? Just comment here or in future postings.

For now though, I'll write a basic bio about myself personally:

I'm a college graduate one year out of higher education and sadly stuck in a bit of a professional rut. Working a retail job while interning (political) and volunteering (political/civic) in positions with office/professional experience keeps it a tight schedule to regularly hit the gym or provide an accurate, regularly recorded nutritional regime. As such, while I've lost 45 pounds in the past year, I would like to lose anouther 10-20 pounds more by the end of this year.

One goal is to restart my regular recording of foods I eat. This greatly helped me in terms of losing about 1.5-2 pounds per week last summer and last fall.

A second is to try and broaden my intake throughout the day. My retail job keeps me limited to cheap sandwiches/wraps or light meals at my internship to save money (as the internship is unpaid). And living at home while I build up savings, I regularly eat whatever is bought by the family for breakfast or dinner, regardless of it's health factor.

Third, vary up my workouts and, when I reach a proper body fat %, begin building muscle. I tend to do a lot of stuff that really works me over, but it's often the same things out of personal comfort and time efficiency while I work out at the gym (a local Cardio Express). So I will greatly enjoy any suggested workouts and links to visuals, or even books as a guide for me to practice at home (I have a few light dumbbells).

This is all for now! I'll work on having my writings regularly posted and with previews of future articles to be written.

Happy lifting!


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