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Been really, really busy with training these past few months, so I haven't had much time to be online and share everything. Thankfully, the hard work is really paying off. I've been refining and perfecting my 5x5 routine, adding some supplementary exercises and a new multi-joint lift!

Basically, my routine is split between the following exercises, rotating muscle groups for appropriate rest.

Also, I usually do sets with ascending weight, sometimes decreasing reps but less and less so these days.

Warm up 5-10 bike/plate warm up

Multi joint lifts:

Dead lift-5 sets 5-6 reps @ 135-165#

Clean to press or front squat-4 sets 5-6 reps @ 86-100#

Squat-5 sets 5-8 reps @155-190#

Supplementary lifts:

Pull up asceding/descending pyramid

Seated cable row-5 sets 6-10 reps @ 110-125#

dumbell bicep/tricep super set-4 sets 6-10 reps @ 60-85#

Tricep extension-5 sets 10-15 reps @ 90-115#

Bench press- 4-5 sets 5-6 reps @ 135#

Chest/back fly super set- 5 sets 8-10 reps @ 90-135#

Cool down/stretch routine

I lift 3-4 times a week, and kickbox twice a week for cardio. Keeps me pretty busy, but I've made gains on all fronts in pretty quick order!

Thanks for readings, and be sure to watch for more updates as my schedules loosens up a bit!

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What is your goal weight if you have one?

I'd really like to hit 180# but I'm a fairly slow, hard gainer. Been making some progress, though! Refining my routine has helped as well!

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