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Status update




Hello, muscle furs!!

Introductions now complete, it's time to outline what I've been up to as far as training. The last 16 weeks, I've ramped up both my cardio and gym time. Ive been doing a body bootcamp/cardio-kick class for cardio that I've really enjoyed and has really improved my over all fitness. Im taking time off of this for the holidays, which should help with bulking up, but look forward to resuming it in the new year!

As for the gym, I've pretty much switched over to a bulking up routine of heavy weights and low reps. Most of my exercises follow the 5x5 routine, meaning 5 sets of 5 reps. I've seen some good gains for my dead lifts, bench press, squat and in my pull ups. I will be continuing my workout out routine over the holidays, to take advantage of the holiday calories! ;)

And, for the exciting news, I've made some really good gains! My cardio, endurance and muscle tone are all WAY up, and Ive put on about an inch and a half to each arm, 2.5 to my chest, and have managed to put on a few solid pounds. My squat max for 5 has gone up about 15lbs, and my dead lift a full 20lbs!

Im really excited about my progress, and look forward to keeping up the momentum! Next entry will be routines and training sets!

Thanks for reading!


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Could you tell me what your routines are for 5x5? Cause I am kinda doing that routine but unsure if it's the right one. I've been on it for about 2 months and as 5x5 is, I've improved my squat and added more but I'd like to know more. Could you PM me on it?

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