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Welcome to the first entry of Strong Nub!

I plan to both record some of my progress here, as well as lend my own insight and advice on muscle, health and fitness.

For starters, I'll say that I've been lifting on and off for almost a decade, but have only taken to a bulk up program in the last year or so. So far, Ive gained about 20 good pounds, and some good bulk and definition. I'm a pretty slow gainer when it comes to weight, so Im pretty happy with myself.

Measurements, stats and such will be forthcoming!

Currently, Im usually doing the 5x5 routine in the weight room, usually 4-5 days a week. I also do some kickboxing, cardio work and cycle. Eating enough to cover all that is probably my biggest challenge, but Im getting there! ;)

Thank you for reading, and Im looking forward to posting more! Comments, feedback and suggestions welcome!

-Stay Strong!



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Nice one man. Can't wait to see what you got to say on the subject! :D


Thanks! Im going to be working on regular updates, as well as some of my routines and such!

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Got more stats? Like weight, height and so on? Or could you provide before/after pictures?


I'll be posting stats pretty soon, once I get the most updated ones! Maybe pictures, too, if there is enough interest!

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