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Just a touch o' the ol' Two Paw. ^_^ Greets and salutes, mes amis!




blog-0469869001351520525.jpgGreets, mes amis!

Well, this particular story has a bit of a windingness to it, as in 'long-and-winding-road windingness', although perhaps because of my own style of speech it might just be 'long-winded'. But what the heck, I hope we both can let it ride.

Quite some time ago- I'd have to check my FurAffinity page to be sure when Zak (ZakRhyno on FA, if I'm recalling correctly) dropped me a line in my Shouts. At the time, I really hadn't gotten into the habit of offerring Thanks for either watches or favourites, mainly because I didn't realize it was both impolite not to do so in most cases and was quite customary, the same idea as thanking anybody for their interest in something you'd put into being. I didn't reply to him in the Shout just above his until over two months later (something else I really had never gotten into, however less important relatively), and I hadn't heard back from himsince. Even after I realized my faux pas I didn't really look into what might have happened to him, and until I went through some of my older shouts and their authors earlier this morning, I had thought he might've just stopped in along his way in passing interest and busied himself elsewhere.

When I _did_ visit his FA page, I realized that he was doing quite a lot more than that. Although I'm not quite into bodybuilding professionally, I've in the last two years knocked down my peak weight- mostly gained because of two particular medications I've been on since I was half the age I am now (17, in 1994)- from 319 pounds to 240lbs, most of what was lost being that excess fat. Regular, intensive exercise, usually consisting of five three-mile walks a week, and 10 repetitions of 10 resistance exercises (mostly with 20-pound barbells in each hand, although one uses a 20-pound-resistance equivalent resistance polyband and another a full-body arm-leg raiser, taught to me under the name of the 'Bird Dog' with neither of them) also 5 times weekly, as well as knocking down by a _lot_ my sugar and soft drink/coffee consumption, switching to low-fat milk and meats (microwaved trout and halibut fillets, unbreaded and sometimes with a little lemon juice, are always a fave, as well as very lean beef 'steak' cuts for protein elsewise) and cutting out a lot of the processed foods I've since weaned myself off of (along with swearing off McDonald's without going back for more than two years now, tho' I won't knock _them_ because it was my choice to get it so often! ^_^), drinking a plenty of water (usually 2-3 litres in a given day, and perhaps 2 quarts of skin milk, including what I'd have with my breakfast cereal, which is usually All-Bran or occasionally Corn Flakes or Shredded Wheat) and eliminating a lot of sweet and fatty foods (along with finding plenty of much healthier alternatives (baked wheat and vegetable crackers are swell, but not too many of them, tho'). My body's natural muscle tone has both been revealed more clearly with the fat reduction and strengthened and enhanced by the weights and walking, and along with the physical improvement in both my strength and a lot more stamina, I've been able to reduce the antidepressants my doctor has prescribed (with his assistance; I certainly wouldn't fiddle with something like paroxetine (Paxil) behind his back, knowing what I do about what it can do to a person if one 'tweaks' their dosage carelessly) and I feel on a regular basis altogether much better, both in emotional positivity and psychological resilience (along with both my bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, I have some considerable anxiety and emotional trauma and deal with their results, dating from severe peer abuse in my teenage years, and frequently I would be very easy to set off emotionally or under stress, which has managed to improve somewhat, along with my psychological 'stamina', as such).

Most importantly, the aggregate effects and overall regular habit of doing my resistance exercises and regular distance walking have been enough of a boon to me that I really enjoy and look forward to doing them, (I still give myself a pat on the back with every week I get through and finish, tho'!)

Anyway, that's my story. I'm a regular artist on both DeviantArt and FurAffinity, as well as a longtime Furry and werewolf fan (as is my one and only Fursona, Twopaw Tarnished-Silver, a Garou expatriate of the 'old' World Of Darkness game universe, now based in a non-canon extension beyond the original game universe's 'end'. I'm looking forward, knowing there were similarities here to my own efforts and desires to improve, to being a part of this place, if you'll have me!

-2Paw. O_o



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There's not much going on in here except sharing of info and asking about bodybuilding stuff and how to get healthy. So, I just happen to drop by. Just visited your FA :)

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Thanks for letting me share my work with you, ami! ^_^ Is good. I joined up a few weeks back, and after taking a listen to one of Zak's podcasts I decided to stick around. Is good, tho'. Have a good one, FalconMage, and a pleasure to make your acquaintance!


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