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Real Times: Life!




Hi watches! Well the latter part of last week and the start of this week been busier then usually. Work has gotten busy with school starting this Wednesday. Getting all the computer system and program install for the teachers and students. So I have been having brain fry almost every day. #_#”” As for college it started Monday (yesterday) and so far I like all of my class. The writing class that I got is really writing intensity so I be popping out papers every week. Last weekend I did get some time to relax a bit, I got to chill out with D’Bull he helping me bring out the rest of my mascots characters for Furry-Muscle as well as comic I will be doing later on. My idea is to use the mascots to help promote Furry-Muscle and bring people into the community. Later on when I get better at drawing and story writing I hope to do a comic with them all in it. But that the overall picture for my mascots for now. I be posting more information here on FA and Furry-Muscle when I think they’re getting to the finish stages. Well that it for now I see ya all later! :D




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