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Why bother Socialising?




There are many days where I log on and see all these interesting looking people and think.

"Gee I would like to maybe have a chat."

So you kindly try to contact and some do chat a reply, and in some cases build a small friendship.

You draw them giftarts to be nice and hope that maybe they will stay your friend.

But then you see them less often online, you know they are still around because they are doing stuff on their blogs or art galleries.

And You think, gee I miss chatting to them so much, and finally accept that they don't want to speak to you ever again.

However you still keep their username in your long dead list of social chats, thinking maybe, just maybe....... nothing....

So yeah, sometimes I wonder why I bother socialising.

Why can't I be like a Sim and have an Anti-Social trait, so I don't feel this need to talk to someone just to fill a little red to green bar. Which then depleats over time leaving you feeling lonely just as quicker then it takes to fill it up.

Which does make me wonder, why do I still come to places like this forum?

And then I realise, it's the only place I can post my adult crap and see if anyone cares to comment.



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The missing piece to your puzzle here is that people don't socialize normally online let alone strike a decent conversation. I often get folks like these that lack expression, interest, or anything at all. It's not because they don't care, it's because they aren't used to the online social setting nor do they want to get used to it. A lot of folks have an agenda, a job, and goals to strive for off of the computer. Some folks just aren't good people in general, it's pretty easy to figure out between em. Either way, we are in a social setting that most people aren't comfortable with nor interested in. People come and go quickly, but that's what makes the ones who stay more valuable. With that said, it's good to cherish what little you have than to cherish what more you have friends-wise because it can become hectic and you could end up making friends feel the same way you felt today. The lack of sociable people online is effecting younger folks in an irl social setting, it's been shown in articles and it's called "Digital Autism"

At the end of the day, if online friends bug you so much, maybe you aren't working or getting things done enough. Stagnating and waiting for things to come on a silver platter never ever will work in life, nothing comes to you unless you present yourself. Striving to better yourself, taking care of yourself, and occupying your time with goals/ambitions is striving to better your chances with everything you desire in life, including friends and especially your emotions. I am more than willing to be your friend, just feel free to send me your preferred messenger address.

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I didn't say promise anywhere in our messages x) I don't make promises nor do I think it's right to tell people they made a promise when they didn't. Should probably message me your MSN instead, I don't have it. :b

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I'm Sorry, but no matter how I try, I clearly don't see how we can get along after all that has happen. :-(

Least not at this point in time.

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