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Squats- 3x12-15 @ 50, 30, 30 lbs

LegCurls- 3x12-15@30,30,30 lbs

Standing Calf Raises- 3x15-20@30,30,30 lbs

BareBell Flat Press- 3x12-15@50,50,50lbs

Chin-ups with chair assist 3x12,8,8 reps

Front Barbell Press 3x12,12,8 @30,30,30 lbs


Defenitly going to start with chin-ups first next time. Also didn't warm up for stretch first. Other than that pretty good start.

I did half my workout in the morning and I'll finish the other half when i get home from work. Just starting to get back into the swing of things and hopfully will be taking over my mates gym membership. Id like to have a workout partner but there aren't any in our group here thats really interested in lifting weights ao any encouragement would be appreciated. I'd like to see this forum get a little bit more ative so I'm goign to start posting links in my journal and on my FA page. Here are my stats as of today, and I'm still a rather tiny tiger at this point. My goal is put on 30lbs to get to 180lbs by the end of summer.

Stats as of today:

Chest-33 inches

Waist-32 inches

Hip-36 inches

Bicep-12.5 inches

Forearm-10 inches

Thigh-21 inches

Calves-14 inches

Neck-14 inches



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