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So it ends for now, my first three week routine has finally finished. I’m more than pleased with how much power I have gained over the course of three weeks. I know it’s a bit much to read, but bare with me. I know a few out there saw my five day program and was intimidated, it’s understandable. I was intimidated, at first, with being around the big guys in the gym. I’ve turned into one of the big guys and I crave to get even bigger. Yeah I said it, I want to get BIGGER. Turns out I’m what some in the bodybuilding community will call a grower, only craving to get bigger and stronger. I will have to find out a good diet to help trim down while maintaining my muscle, I’m looking forward to that challenge.

Without any further ado here’s the heaviest I lifted on the first week to what I ended up with at the end of the third week.

Wide-grip barbell curl 90 (6x3) to 100 (4x3)

Dumbbell hammer curl 50 (5x3) to 60 (4x3)

Wide-arm straight arm pushdown 140 (5x2) to 160 (5x3)

Rope tricep extension 150 (5x3) to 160 (5x3)

Barbell front raise with upright row superset stayed at 70 but got easier.(5x3)

Flat bench press 185 (12x3) to 205 (8x5)

Incline dumbbell press 50 (9x3) to 55 (10x5)

Pec fly 180 (10x3) to 195 (10x2, 9, 8x2)

Cable row stayed at 160 but each week it got a little easier (10x5)

Lat pulldown 140 (10x3) to 150 (10x5)

High row on the hammer strength apparatus 90 (10x3) to 115 (8x5)

Prone leg curl 100 ( 8 ) to 140 ( 8 )

Leg extension 225 (10) to 280 ( 8 )

Sled squat 315 ( 8 ) to 405 (10)

Single-leg leg press 230 (10) to 370 (10)

Seated calf raise 135 ( 8 ) to 225 (4)

Deadlift 135 (5) to 195 (4)

Concentration curls 30 (10x5) to 40 (10x5)

EZ preacher curl 85 (12x5) to 125 (8x5)

Dumbbell lateral raise 20 (9x5) to 25 (8x5)

Dumbbell front raise 20 (10x5) to 30 (9x5)

Rope overhead extension 100 (12x5) to 140 (10x5)

Straight bar reverse grip tricep pull down Eighty (15x5) to 130 (10x5)

Dumbbell press Eighty (5x3) to 95 (5x3)

Smith incline bench 275 (4x3) to 295 (3x3)

Cable fly Eighty (5x3) to 100 (5x3)

Cable row 180 (5x3) to 220 (4x3)

Prone dumbbell row 65 (5x3) to 75 (5x3)

Palms facing inward shoulder width grip pull up 3reps to 5 reps

Just for the heck of it here’s the current before and after. It may only be 3 weeks of progress , it does show some difference.

Starting shots

Front http://bodyspace.bod...0UcQ06S134.jpeg

Back http://bodyspace.bod...0ZkKKJ1854.jpeg

Side http://bodyspace.bod...oOBTBr0602.jpeg

3week progression

Front http://bodyspace.bod...f2AADEu632.jpeg

Back http://bodyspace.bod...TezZruu013.jpeg

Side http://bodyspace.bod...B1dSmgh692.jpeg



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