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Stage One: Developing the Addiction




Lets start with some approximate (since I don't have tape or scales to get any accuracy right now) Stats:

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 230

Neck: 17"

Chest: 48

Waist: 40

Bicep: 17

Forearm: 10

Thigh: 24"

Calf: 19"

Gods I feel scrawny and fat.

That being said that's a reason I've decided to bulk myself up. I've spend entirely too much time being lazy and small when in in all reality I could be a rather imposing and powerful figure. With out the money to join a gym or make a home one, I'm gonna get some calisthenic exercises going....... Which will probably have to including running. The worst thing you could do in an arid blazing hot place like Arizona. Some core workouts like some plank moves and leg raises and sit ups and what have you (don't worry I'll come up with something more concrete if not by the end of this blog then soon.) And some upper stuff like push ups and military presses then some leg work. I'll have to do some research in that regard. Most work outs seem to split between two sets of muscles groups back and forth but I'm wondering whether or not I can get away with three routines. Or if I should split my core work outs to join the upper and lower depending on the supporting muscles in the individual exercises.... Let me know if you have a suggestion.

I found a diet plan a while ago that's designed to work with an exercise to help burn fat. Definitely gonna add that to it although the food is kinda bleh... Maybe I should post it to the forum for everyone to consider. Anyway. I'll get back to you when I have some some more to say. Maybe just to give you the actual exercise plan I come up with.



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Lets seem some real life images of da moon! No not your butt! Great work out keep it up Moon! How is the diet plan going?

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