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The Value of Persistence

Duke Titan



At long last, it seems as though my back has begun to steadily heal itself. So far this week, I've had no major halts on my progress to recovery. No unexplained back twinges or soreness, that sorta thing.

One of the main things you learn to cultivate when you're a hard-gainer like moi is persistence. Wolves are nothing if not stubborn, after all. We were hanging onto the jugulars of our prey before there were such things as bulldogs. The point is, persistence is one of those tools in the bodybuilder's forgery that's often overlooked.

It's ironic, too, because persistence is kind of the foundation on which a bodybuilding lifestyle is built. The guy who can keep going back to the gym over and over and over, come rain, sleet, snow or hellfire is going to be a successful bodybuilder vs. the guy who gives up after a few weeks because he doesn't become the Hulk instantly.

If this sounds like a very complex way of saying "hang in there," it is. But at least now you know WHY you should hang in there.



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