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The Mind-Muscle Connection

Duke Titan



If you've read enough bodybuilding lore, you've probably heard mention of this. Experienced bodybuilders talk about the link between your mind and your muscles, and about how establishing that link is important if you want to grow.

Well, I may not be growing right now, but I can attest to that connection. Yes, my fellow muscleheads, it does exist and can be cultivated.

Let me wax nerdish for a moment. While this mind-muscle connection might sound like so much Jedi voodoo, all it's really talking about is the malleability of your brain and neural structure. The muscles you use most often have stronger neural connections to the motor control center of your brain. That's why, for instance, the first time you tried to do hack squats it felt so awkward, but over time grew easier. Part of it was your muscles getting stronger, but part of it was also the rewiring of your nerves to those muscles to make them work better.

It's really pretty easy to forge the mind-muscle connection. Form is the key. Concentrate on form long enough, and you'll find proper form getting easier to maintain. You may even, like I did today, almost be able to feel individual muscles tensing and relaxing as you lift.

Until next time, muscleheads. Keep lifting!



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