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The Slow Road to Recovery

Duke Titan



You may ask why a big bad wolf like me would be taking things so cautiously when it comes to strengthening my back after its injury two months ago.

I'll tell you - because I take no chances. If I go macho and my back isn't ready for that level of intensity, I'll just re-injure it and be set back even longer. So right now I'm making like a pup first outta the den - little baby steps towards eventual full-blown muscle building glory once again.

To give you an idea of just HOW easy I'm taking it, here is what my typical chest day normally looks like:

Cable Machine Flyes: Pyramid Loading: 6 sets at 10/8/6/3/3/8 reps

Incline Cable Cross: 4 sets at 6-8 reps

Close Push-Ups for 3 sets of 10 reps

Pull Overs for 4 sets of 3-4 reps

Here's what I did today:

Cable Machine Flyes: Pyramid Loading: 6 sets at 6/5/4/2/2/5 reps with minimal weight.

Incline Cable Cross: 9 reps at normal weight

Close Push-Ups: 12 reps

Pull Overs: Normal reps and weight, which is an encouraging sign.

The sadistic thing is that my back's at the point where it doesn't yell at me right away. It likes to lie in wait for 3-4 hours and THEN tell me I did too much. So not only do I not know right away, I have to take a guess at which exercise triggered it.



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