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My Kingdom for a Training Partner

Duke Titan



Hmm, let's see...

Good workout form, check.

Animal intensity, check (at least I know HOW even if I can't do it right now. More's the pity.)

Plan of attack for daily training, check.

Proper nutrition, and enough bodybuilding lore to last me probably another five years of training.

Training partner...oh, THAT'S what's missing!

Make no mistake, pups, all the lore says the same thing - a good workout partner is worth their weight in gold when it comes to helping you make your goals. I've got a couple of candidates I've been grooming for the job. Neither's a fur, unfortunately, but for the sake of my own amusement, I'm going to pretend that they are.

Candidate numero uno is Mennie, the soft-spoken giraffe who has quite frankly an awesome bod...from the waist up. Due to some sort of medical thing - which he did tell me but which my other muscles have since squeezed from my brain - he has these toothpick calves and thighs I swear are no thicker than a Ren Faire turkey leg. Still and all, if I can get my RL physique to look like his by my tenth anniversary as a bodybuilder, I will be one happy wolf.

Candidate two I will call Scotsdale, and if he were a fur, I'd place him as a husky. I haven't had the chance to see his progress shirtless, but he's congenial enough, and his training methods are nothing if not creative. This dog will attach a pair of gymnastics hoops to the top of the cable cross and use them for dips. I kid you not.

I was supposed to work out with him earlier this week, until he went and ate himself some zombie chicken and spent the day kowtowing before his crapper while his digestive system lurched into reverse.

Pump hard, get big, pups!



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