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Ten Things I Dislike, Despise, And Cannot Stand A 100ft Near





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  1. 1. Who run Barter Town?

    • Robocop
    • Master Blaster
    • David Bowie's bulge in "the Labrynth"
    • You've done a man's job, sir!

When you read this, please imagine Jim Carry in his Ace Ventura movies saying this.

1. Clowns (Is there really anyone who doesn't?)

2. A Warm Shamrocke Shake From McDonalds, it tastes like baby barf!!!!

3. Beef Sticks, you ever had one? Ten could kill you!!!

4. People who demoralize dogs by saying, "Oh I know she wants a treat, cus she tells me that by barking..." "We call her the doorbell, cus everytime someone's coming up the driveway, she barks. But she doesn't understand what being a doorbell entails. We have to shout 'SHUT UP, THERE IS NO ONE HERE' so many times cus she barks when no one is there. But you know, dogs aren't all that bright." "Oh, did I tell you I'm a ******* ***** who **** ***** ******* **** on **** and enjoys it?"

5. Bats, I just can't stand them...

6. Pináta, they creep me out!!

7. Turning into a big demon, fiery dog-like beast that summons a giant molten ball of fire meteor and smushes a bug with it while shouting, "BUGS CREEP ME OUT!!!!!!"

8. Getting punched. It's mean, okay? I just don't like it, cus it's mean...

*****. The number "9".

10. People who make fun of others, just because they have lives and enjoy writing random stuff for laughs.

Well, that's all for today folks! Tune in next time, it may be even more spontaneous! I'm going to go save a dolphin.



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