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My Resolutions - 2010




Not that late. :p

1. Go over my college plan so that I can get myBachelor of Science in a timely manner.

2. Get my final plans layout for my trip to see aclose friend of mine, overseas.

3. Clean out my room totally and throw stuff out.

4. Clean up and origination my hard drive andbookmarks.

5. Pick out what conventions I will be attentionthis year.

6. Work on improve my art and coloring style.

7. Get a routine going with working out and gettingin shape. (Re-evaluation in June)

8. Get my Water Safety Instructor, Lifeguarding,Pool Operation, CPR and AED certifications/recertification.

9. Get myPersonal Trainer certification (Mid-August).

10. Grow Furry-Muscle more then what it iscurrently.

11. Publish the first page of the Furry-Muscle comicsometime in the 4th quarter.

12. Come back to look over this list to see what Icould improve upon a year later.



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