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Almost give up,but I didn't...




WELL....guess what it had been more than a fortnight I didn't went for my training and guess what...I been sickening,mentally tired and yet feeling so out of the place even feeling ashamed that I didn't fulfill my promise I made before...Well at least finally I make up my mind that no matter how...yeah unorganized,lack of experience etc.(Volk, STOP BEING NEGATIVE UGH!) I have to spare equality of time to stand my training and study in the same line of goal!Yet...as I know that I lack of discipline.I am over depend on my emotion and easily get lost.

Discipline is the key of everything as I know...but sadly...I am having insufficient of it and now I will prioritize both training and study in equality,but academy will post higher priority cuz I don't want to FAIL MY EXAM ANYMORE!!!IF NOT....U KNOW THAT I WILL GET KICKED HAVING NO FUTURE OF MY LIFE...😰âŽâŽâŽâŽâŽâŽ Thus,welcome back Volk, but I have to study at least three hours as well if I want to do my best for the rest of 22days.

Oh and one more thing....after a 100 pushups today...I vomited 4 times inside the gym....and not to mention I just got myself recovered from my sickness...it's really awkward when I walk out from the washroom after throwing up my lunch...yeah...it's so suck and I even lost strength to move on my routine...ugh damn...Σ( ° â–³ °|||)︴(・ã¸ãƒ»)

Well that's all from me...I will be off and going to do my revision...knowledge is mightier than the rest...

Back to my horizon,




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