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Which Choice Is The Choice To Choose?




blog-0002462001396401614.jpgWow this pass few weeks have been going up and down lately. My truck was in the shop for almost two and half weeks. I had to fork out $175.00 USD car rental and all. Also with all the damn snow we gotten here in my area it made me even more behind on my bills. No work+NoMoney = Can’t pay bills. So now with the weather just raining and Spring is here hopefully all the snow is done and that I can get back on track.So with all this happing and such I got some choices to make and been thinking on them. I will list what going on and maybe try to see what I can do to choose the right one to go with.


My truck came out of from the repair shop, but I think it has to go back in and get some other things fix. Current can’t afford a rental car and have to wait at least four weeks max before I can do anything. Hope it can last that long, but if it get any sign of being worsted I sending it in. I will be speaking to my friend this week about giving me a lift when my car is in the shop so I can get back and forth to work. As for school because it my friend giving me a ride I can’t make it to school as I be asking too much. As he would be going out of his way and getting up at least an hour early before he usually does to get work. My guess is my car is in the shop for two weeks at a worst term scenario guess.


So during the time my car was in the shop three weeks ago I gotten a car from the housing services of where I live at and they call me in to get all paper work done to move in to a “affordable housing” aka cheap rent to live here. It way high to rent a place here by yourself, anyway, the five plus long waiting list was a hope a long time ago. But with this coming up it changes a lot of things. I current rent a room and it a nice place but your own damn place is different than a room. It be more than what I pay now and I factor in utilities it about one thousand dollars for a month. Talking to a friend who living by himself I spoken to him about his renting and such and cost and found out that I’m feel like I going to do it. The other reason is if they do get my own place I want to get a dog. I always wanted one all my life and this is a step to being more “grown up” in a way. A friend that may be visiting me this winter and I can feel okay having my own place as well as having a place to call my own with worrying about people living around me. Still I have to wait for them to get all the paper work through and get the final okay. With me getting caught up on my bills I can get access to some help to get in my new place so that a plus at least. *cross finger about the dog*


School has not been going so well. With all these snow days just trying to study and not have worries on everything about work and paying bills it has taken a toll on me from a stand point that I’m rang out in a way. January, February and March of this year has just been laying me out with snow days and trying to understand what the hell I’m trying to learn. Teachers this term have been not so nice in the way of teaching and just here the book and take the test. So I may be thinking of finish my schooling via online and change my degree a little bit to see if I get a Bachelors of Art in Biology. Are even change the biology aspect to something close to what I’m trying to do and get a better job and move out from where I’m at now. This city is just bad place to live as my family has move on to other places.

So this is sum of what been on my mind and the choices I been looking into. I post more when I know more or has things develop. Have a good one all!


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