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About this blog

I have made many efforts in the past but i get too busy, lets try to work out again.

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I did It. Day one chest and back dvd

Yes i am using a 90 day transformation dvd. It was hard, I am out of shape. got to be careful though, my apartment is small with a low ceiling, and i got a small room, but I am tired of excuses. i feel if i can keep this up something is bound to happen. The best thing so far is how i feel. I was about to collapse twice, but i put all my effort into it. Still as tired and worn that i feel right now, its good to have done something today. Failure is quitting, and now i refuse to quit. th



Day, so far Negative day 1 ( day -1)

Hehe, hello Writing a blog to organize my self mostly, this is an introductory blog and a bad one at that. I have tried many times in the past to stay up with working in a regimen but either through my fault or just pure being overly busy I fail. Don't know if i should use the world fail cause i still haven't given up. so, ill up date this as it goes, maybe people will read, maybe not. if i can be, i would like to post nearly everyday, most attempts fail but I will try. have a happy Sunday.



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