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YCH - Poses (Rules)

Hi Everybody!

TK here with a special offer for all of you. Seeing as the holidays are around the corner and having a little extra cash to help out with everything would be a very good thing. I decided to do a special YCH. Rather than letting people bid on each individual pose I’m allowing anyone to buy the character pose at a set price. I’ll be limiting it to a specific number of slots. If any of the poses given are one’s you would like to see your character in than you can simply fill out the provided form. The slots are first come first serve, so if you’re interested please fill one out. Once payment has been confirmed you will receive a number that indicates where you are on the list. I will follow this order while completing these images.

The rules for this YCH is simple:

  • The base pose and body type are locked, so no changes are allowed.

  • These images will be a one shot deal. Once it is draw it is done.

  • You must provide references when submitting a form, the form will also include a section where you will list all the important details you want me to include in your drawing.

  • Minor details may be added: Claws, fur Tufts, horns, accessories, and other important details specific to your character. (Must be simple in design)

  • Major Details such as wings, additional limbs, and special effects will not be accommodated.

  • All images will be flat line work with no shading.

Once a form has been filled out payment will be expected at the same time. The timetable for these images will be 30 days to complete all of them. Depending on how this goes and if the feedback is positive I may add more poses later and reopen the slots for anyone who would like to purchase one.

Thank you to those of you who have supported me and my art. I hope that this project goes well and that those of you who receive a piece from this will be happy.

Till next time everyone,

Take care!

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