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Rhyno Gym

Commission Content:

I am open to drawing content rated between PG - XXX. Please follow the link bellow to see subjects that I am okay with drawing.


Anything placed in the “No” category is not open for discussion.

When commissioning me to draw characters that do not belong to you, you must have the owner of the character contact me and give permission for me to draw them. This of course means I do not accept “Surprise” commissions. This does not apply to characters in popular media, such as Bowser and Leomon.  


You have two options to purchase commissions. The first is through my webstore https://www.rhynogym.com/store where you will need to create an account. This method allows for easier tracking of your commission as well as access to member specific benefits (Discounts, Raffles, Special Offers).

The second is using order forms created with Jotform, this method is fastest. With no sign up and an instant pay feature that will automatically send your order directly to me.

Depending on how full my queue is, I generally respond between one and three days of receiving your order. If I find any issue with your form than I will contact you via email and we can begin discussing your commission in detail.

All payments are received through paypal. Should you wish to purchase using a credit card you may do so by using the web store as it has that feature.


A refund is only possible if I have not begun work on your commission and you have not received any art. If you wish for one you will be returned the full amount that you have paid. Should for any reason I find I am unable to continue with your commission you will receive a refund minus the amount equal to the work I have already done. You will also receive a full resolution PNG of the image as far as I have completed it. If you cancel your commission for whatever reason you will not receive a refund but will receive a full resolution copy of what I have already done through your email.

Commission Process:

I generally begin work the same day or three days after approving your commission form. I will contact you using the ticket system through my webstore. Please be sure to check your email for the following addresses:


Please be sure to whitelist the address and check your spam folder for your updates. I have had this issue in the past with people not receiving their updates due to the email getting placed in their spam folder. If after three days you have not received any updates please contact me at tkorca(DOT)commissions(AT)rhynogym(DOT)com.

Once you have received your first update it’s generally back and forth between us from there. If my queue is very full updates take between one to three days. Again this is all depending on how many I have already on my list. You may send requests for updates but please remember that I do have my own matters to attend to. Your understanding in this is greatly appreciated.

During the initial sketch phases I am open to allowing for a large number of changes. Repositioning and reposing is a given seeing as rough drafts are easy to change. Once we step past the initial sketch phase and into refining details the number of changes allowed will decrease.

From the initial draft to the final product please be open about what you want and keep your ideas for changes easy to understand. Sending references is encouraged if what you want is hard to convey in words.

When your commission is done, you will receive a full resolution copy of your finished image in a PNG format. You may also request other formats as well. However I will not share copies of the PSD files.



4.1 Rights transferred: The following rights are included with the price of the commission.

A.) You are purchasing the right to own some or all of the following:

(i) A physical piece of original artwork (in the case of sketches or real media);

(ii) A physical printed and/or laminated or otherwise manufactured copy of artwork (in the case of badges or prints);

(iii) an electronic image file in the form of either a scan of original artwork, or artwork that has been produced digitally.

B.) You have the right to store and view copies of the artwork on your computer(s) or electronic device(s), to print copies of the artwork for your personal use, and to display the artwork in your home or workplace.

C.) You have the right to share unaltered copies of the artwork with your friends, or to post the artwork to your personal web site or to your gallery on forums such as FurAffinity, Weasyl, Tumblr, Twitter, and others, so long as artist name and copyright information are included with the artwork.

D.) You have the right to resize or non-destructively crop the artwork for the purposes of posting online. You also have the right to crop a section of the image to create one (1) icon or avatar for use in online communities or forums.

4.2 Rights not transferred: The following rights are not included with the commission, but may be purchased or negotiated for if necessary.

A.) You do not have the right to edit or alter the artwork in any way, mechanically or digitally, except as specified in point (9c) above.

B.) You do not have the right to publish the artwork in a printed publication, or post the artwork to any web site whose purpose is either to make money directly (as through subscriptions or sales) or to promote a commercial business or service.

C.) You do not have the right to sell prints or copies of the artwork, or to print the image on any kind of for-sale merchandise, such as clothing or mousepads.

4.3 Rights reserved: I retain the right to post a copy of any commission to my web site and/or certain art communities, or to use any commission as a component of convention displays, for the purpose of self-promotion.

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