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Rhyno Gym


Name: TK (Big Daddy)


Location: Saipan

Interests: Drawing, Art, Food, and Muscle Furs

Hobbies: Drawing and Design




I’ve been an artists for as long as I can remember. I can still remember a time when my art was praised by my family and how proud it made me to be able to draw. So i continued that passion to this day where my focus has fallen onto the Muscle Furs of the furry community. Being an admirer of those real life muscle furs help keep me motivated to continue to improve my art and also become a great supporter of those want to live large. Being someone if tall stature and generally wide all over Im proud of my body size and hope to someday grow even more so that way I can fill up a room not only with my mass but with the smile on my face.

I love drawing and keeping myself motivated to improve. I spend every moment I can focused on wanting to be better and hopefully someday I will be widely recognized just as much for my skill as well as the content of my work. Being here on Furry-Muscle along with Zak has helped me find a place where I can show my abilities and continue to improve them. I hope that I can continue to gain support and friends while on my journey as a furry muscle artist.

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